Of the three features currently available, this is undoubtedly the most “realistic” version of the gruesome crime. William Walters as Clinic Doctor. Start your free trial. Paul Connor as Bobby Franks. If I do what you want Mike Diaz as Press Conference Extra. This one focuses on not only the murder, but also the sexual relationship between the principals.

Or perhaps the film really does want to work itself up into a condemnation of the death penalty. Todd Haynes as Phrenology Head. Jake Hinkson April 21, at 5: Nathan tells a psychiatrist that he fantasizes himself as a king who buys “Dickie” as a slave. As envisioned by the director, their scenes together are both erotic and disturbing. Douglas Crimp as Prison Mugshot. Of the three features currently available, this is undoubtedly the most “realistic” version of the gruesome crime.

Production design Therese Deprez. I Am the Night. Quotes Nathan Leopold Jr. Though Rope was told from their point of view, Hitchcock completely skirted the issue of sex between the two men Leopold and Loeb were loversdepriving us of an important layer of their relationship. Pamela Koffler as Phrenology Head. They killed, as Michael Wilmington noted, for kicks, for aesthetics, and to seal their bond as two imaginary Nietzschean Ubermenschen.

At this stage in his career, Welles was still starring in leo;old directing masterpieces he had just finished Touch of Evil and was off to Europe to make The Trial but his days of showboat starring roles were quickly coming to an end.


Trash as Venus in Furs Diva. Start your free trial.

Leopold and Loeb Still Fascinate 90 Years Later

Set in modern day Buenos Aires, the film centers around a relationship between two emotionally crippled roommates. Then, walking together through ruined buildings, Richard and Nathan smash bottles while a hand-held camera records their childlike revels. I found him to be a quiet and thoughtful man, never realizing who he was until years later.

Later, as they prepare to bury the murdered boy, Nathan stops to kiss Richard, who at first returns the kiss and then pushes him away.

Emanuel Baetich as Press Conference Extra. Patrix March 23, at 1: In Tom Kalin’s controversial Swoonthe boys’ sexuality is brought to the forefront kovie made the focus of the movie.

His past eventually came to light to the administration of the school, and he was released as a teacher. I’ll do what you want. Klemm Reprinted from OutcomeSeptember, With unsavory flourish, “Swoon” comes across as an attempt to move responsibility for the crime from Leopold and Loeb, to an intolerant society, with the former explaining, “I wanted to murder the idea of suffering as my condition; I wanted to surpass the boundaries of intelligence for something more pure.

Orson Welles as Clarence Darrow in Compulsion Unfortunately, the story swerves in its last thirty minutes or so to make room for their lawyer, the Clarence Darrow figure played by Orson Welles.

Ray Wasik as Mean Prison Guard.


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Your email address will not be published. The newspapers covered every lurid detail. Burt Wright as Warden. Director Tom Kalin makes it an outstanding looking production, with Ellen Kuras contributing terrific black-and-white photography. Loeb, the psychopath of the two, was killed in prison in a shower brawl; Leopold went through a famous rehabilitation, was paroled and ended his life in exemplary fashion as a medical missionary in Puerto Rico. But just as in real life, we return to them when the movie is over and ask ourselves the same urgent, unanswerable question: State’s Attorney Crowe Michael Kirby An affluent and unexceptional homemaker in the suburbs develops multiple chemical sensitivity.

Jim Crawford as Prison Barber. To its credit, the film doesn’t shy away from showing the murder.

Robert Vazquez as Prisoner. A Fine Line Features release. Use the HTML below. Just leave us a message here and we will work on getting you verified. Paul Connor as Bobby Franks.

Swoon (1991): Tom Kalin’s Explicitly Gay Version of Real-life Killers Leopold and Loeb

Seizure Led to FloJo’s Death. Oscar Aleman as Press Conference Extra. As the film shows, their “genius” was a delusion.