Commercial is violence, sex, blood and horror. Language Set favourite s Login. Infamous for its shower scene, but immortal for its contribution to the horror genre. Simon Oakland is as good a man for the job as I can imagine. Only when one looks beneath the surface does one see the teeming millions of small things,–gestures, glances, sudden changes in lighting, razor-sharp editing, and all above the refusal on the part of the director to let any one factor dominate–that we understand the meaning of the word genius, the meaning of the word creative. I would especially recommend this movie to any horror movie fan not desensitized by Friday The 13th, Nightmare On Elm Street, or Scream.. To download all our subtitles, click on 1. The last few shots are chilling and leave a lingering horror in the viewer’s mind.

But nothing shocks like the experience itself. Production Henri-Georges Clouzot Producer. One of the reasons the shower scene has become so notorious is that it’s not only filmed to perfection, but because the elements of sexuality and murder are so surreal. The acting is near perfection. Once Marion and Norman settle down for a light meal in the parlor their conversation turns to general things, and Norman is a good observer, if a bit awkward socially. Eleven-and-a-half out of ten stars.

Had she confessed to her crime she would have escaped the fate that awaited her; and if she had just been a little less clever, and driven more slowly, and the skies remained clear, he might have followed her to the motel and intervened on her behalf. The scenes at the used car lot are both highly realistic,–and perfectly acted and timed–and also a little frightening, from the opening, “I’m in no mood for trouble”, to the final “hey!

When Sam and Lila wake up the sheriff and his wife in the middle of the night we see a splendid example of people talking to one another without either party understanding what is in fact going on. At the end of almost every other line of dialogue he seems on the verge of discovering who Marion really is, then pulls back or comes to the wrong conclusion.

When you look up the phrase “Horror Film” in the dictionary. Perhaps the only imperfection I can find with Psycho is the inability to stand the test of time. Anthony Perkins’ skillfully crafts his performance as Norman Bates, avoiding a ranting, raving, drooling, murder-happy, manic characterization; instead his performance as Norman is subtle, creepy, cool, and unsettling.


Suffice it to say that this movie is probably the best directorial effort by film history’s best director. There is in fact nothing fancy about Diaboliquws, which is on the surface is a somewhat plain-looking movie. The brilliance of Perkins in the original shines even brighter when compared with the ruination in the remake even though the words and the shots were exactly the same.

If you have not seen this movie, do yourself a favor. Welcome back to the Astoria. This is made obvious by the initial conversation between Leigh’s character and Perkins, a pivotal scene.

Hitchcock does not disappoint by leaving out his trademark dark humor. Most of the time, however, these stereotypes create a generic murderer a raving, ranting, clearly demented psychopath. The real, terrible things come from the humans.

Yves-Marie Maurin Moinet, une jeune Moynet. Language Set favourite s Login.

Subdl : Subtitle for diabolique the devils les diaboliques

The acting is near perfection. So important that you totally forget about anything else. Undead Medieval Knights Templar who wreak havoc in the present day. John McInyre’s sheriff dominates this scene and no otherand expertly delivers its punchline, “Well if that’s Mrs. Marion and the motorcycle cop. Perkins manages to be so weirdly magnetizing, even in small moments like the way he stumbles on the word “falsity” or notes how creepy he finds dampness to be. Just compare him with John Gavin, who plays Marion’s boyfriend in the standard-actor-of-the-day way.

John Anderson is wonderful as the fast-talking, semi-streetwise small town used car salesman. I mean, she’s enjoying 0: The handling of every nuance is prodigal and masterful, and the end result nothing less than staggering.

One of the few memorable cinematic killers that does not adhere to these restraints and cliches is, of course, Anthony Hopkins’ Hannibal Lecter, whom manages to effectively cause the audience to recoil without such drek as the aforementioned devices. Buy it, don’t rent.

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We know that something isn’t right, but the problem isn’t with the car lot; it’s Marion’s plight casts a dark shadow over all her scenes there, despite the brightest sunlight imaginable. Is it the best St movie? Eleven-and-a-half out of ten stars. Jean Brochard Plantiveau, le concierge. The diaboliquess few shots are chilling and leave a lingering horror in the viewer’s mind. One thing I think people seem to forget about the movie is the incredible soundtrack.


It’s someone criticising the film for its horror, 0: Nowadays, seeing Jason double-spearing two lovers having sex is nothing uncommon. From the silent nightmares of German Expressionism in the wake of World War I to lesbian vampires in s Belgium, from the black-gloved killers of Italy’s bloody giallo thrillers to the ghosts of the Spanish Civil War, Mark reveals how Europe’s turbulent 20th century forged its ground-breaking horror tradition.

So much has been written about this film that all I can sbtitles is add my own diiaboliques of approval and say that I consider it to be a masterpiece, and add a few things often overlooked or not commented on that add so much to the movie’s cumulative power.

You will not regret it.

The movie is perfectly casted as well. It is wholly unlike the overblown, overbudget, overlong fluff spewing all-too-often out of Hollywood today.

Not since Bela Legosi played Dracula did you get a horror movie with such a compelling central figure. In conclusion I’d like to say that great films are made up diavoliques outstanding little things, not just big moments or fancy effects.

Charles Vanel Alfred Fichet, le commissaire. After all, the movie came out inand by the standards of the time some explanation seems in order, and Dr.

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Infamous for its shower scene, but immortal for its contribution to the horror genre. Diabolique – The Criterion Collection. He becomes the character. Sound is such an important element in movies and Psycho is undaunted when it comes to sound. Yes, everything you’ve heard is true.