I make everything from chilis, goulash, and other stews and braises to simple chicken soup, baked beans, and even rice pudding, to name just a few. Lifetime washable filters, and no bags to buy. The ‘keep warm’ feature works well too, and you can keep the rice for hours without it drying out. The service center is still waiting for part after long delay. Read more Fan came in packed well. It cooks a pretty mean oatmeal too!

The heating element is on the top and folds down for easy cleaning Unfortunately, the kettle has two major flaws, and the company has an even bigger flaw. Only negative comment is that it took a several days for Fagor America to get back with me on some questions. It arrived with no dents or dings from shipping and looked great. Great as long as we can keep tabs on the remote. Most of the kettles I’ve owned have lasted for 2 to 3 years of daily use and then eventually the thermostat gradually fails and takes longer and longer to shut off the unit after reaching boil. It’s easy just place inside the compartment. Break out of the bottle with a refrigerator featuring an external water and ice dispenser with PUR filtration.

It’s really a shame Dyson released this product with such a short battery-operated running time. Includes three all-weather blades, optional no-light plate, and remote control. Very poor customer service on the telephone.

This fixture is UL listed for a hardwire connection in a dry location. Read more I bought this to replace a 25 year old porch fan. A way overpriced handheld vacuum. Curtains, lightweight fabrics, etc.: Air Purifiers America’s wonderful endorsement of Alen air purifiers 5 of Alen’s products are in their top 10 rated air purifiers is no doubt due more to the fact they are financially tied to this company rather than from Alen’s actual performance.


Reduce suction power if necessary. It has done a fairly good job at that and gets rid of the smell from food fast food pizza Read more Supper quiet, very solid and simply awesome fan! This makes this unit ideal for under-counter applications and installs where you want and need a snug fit that’s flush with your existing cabinetry to achieve a professional appearance everyone will admire.

Each time my wife and I tested this vacuum, we noticed the Jetmaxx was more grueling to “drive” and couldn’t imagine wanting to put up with it for the next several years.

Great for Honey Do’s Folks – Gotta tell you that this is a great product as far as the performance, price, long lasting??? Then it will be perfect. It’s big, heavy, and a very wrong shape for lwd-backlight-fernseher handheld vacuum. Read more I bought this refrigerator with the Idea I would use it in a grid collapse for my insulin. cine,a


Only con is that the light is not that bright, you will need extra lighting! An environmentally friendly RA refrigerant is used. Built with a dust capacity of led-backlight-ferseher.

The unit weighs next to nothing and there’s a smart cubby-handle if you need to move it around often. Great as long as we can keep tabs on the remote.

I like the machine. Use the bare floor brush.

The C66U11B has a Inch blade span, with a 15 Degree blade pitch, and has a six-speed DC motor which uses only Watt of electricity on high speed, pushes Cubic Feet per minute and When vacuuming under the couch I have pulled the arm back out and found that the power attachment was left behind. Read more Dollar for dollar, this has to be the worst handheld vacuum ever made. You could have doubled the power with no problem.


By that time it was too late to return. And I can’t believe how long foods stay safely warm in these cookers; it’s still warm the next day!

This is my first rice cooker and so I schwzrz I’d get a really good one right off the bat. Read more I have Alen T I can only recommend this one.

This one is working with no problems so far and makes a good espresso when using the single wall filters. Break out of the bottle with a refrigerator featuring an external water and ice dispenser with PUR filtration. As an schwatz bonus, it makes the coffee taste better! Kudos to Ama customer service for their assistance in allowing me to keep the machine until they replenish their stock with working espresso machines.

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I’m not sure I’ve seen much improvement, and can’t say for certain that the improvement I have seen or felt or smelled occurred because of this air purifier or me changing my furnace filters to MERV 8 rated filters. Power nozzle definitely ups the decibels, but still not as loud as the Eureka Boss upright we were replacing. The other reviews pretty much sum it up, but I’ll put my thoughts in too.

Whit We have 4 of these units in a newly remodelled home. Additionally, I dinema only filtered water in this machine.