Magoga is director and digital technology specializing in historical, landscape and architectural recreations. Later, he became an independent producer with the company Diafilme, where he produced several of his films and some of other directors. Next big movie that made me want to grab a camera was Run Lola Run , when I watched in high school. In is integrated in the team of Morbase, digital platform for cultural heritage, for which performs documentaries. Motion graphics a nd postproduction: But the greatest challenge is to resist the beauty and light of the surrounding landscape and remain focused. She has given many conferences and has written five books.

Caballero de Olmedo Palace Museum. By studying sign processes, signification and communication, he makes work that generates diverse meanings. Santiago Verdugo, Isaac de la Pompa. More about the Algarve at: No voice, only music and sound, Subtitles: All waiting for the best debut dreamed by everyone: The focus of his career has been that of Director:

Caballero de Olmedo Palace Museum. More than 90 minutes of somewhat unconventional productions with a clearly didactic intention and a modern touch, designed to better fit within the museum renovation and to make them more attractive to the public.

Bookings already available at: Prpgrama and spas aspire to be the winner of one of these highly regarded Awards for Excellence. The other facet of his career develops in the field of visual effects for film and television, especially in sequences historical, digital recreation of landscapes and scenery. It will only destroy the streams and the rivers and kill the fish and kill the environment — and kill us.

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Algarve Garrett McNamara treads off the beaten path in one of the regions most appreciated by tourists and expats. This youth I’m also part of, grew up in the years of goodness where it was all about growth, but by the time we became adult, possibilities and future expectations had pretty much disappeared. The Festival is, as always, is invested on the interconnection of different cultural offers – from cinema to literature, music or the plastic arts — and asserts itself as a favorable environemnt for the reflection and discussion of the main current topics.

How did the film come to life? He is founder and scientific responsible of the ITlab Information Technologies Lab laboratory of IBAM-CNR, in the framework of which he does research activity finalized to the knowledge, valorization and enjoyment of the cultural heritage by means of 3D technologies.


We support legal representation. As a result of the huge investment made here for over years, these gold mines were one of the most important of the entire Roman Empire, the most important of Roman Portugal. Our work is preventing the annihilation of tribal peoples. In beautiful Madeira, Garrett experiences fresh tuna just off the boat, rides a couch down a hill and tries the exquisite local, aged Madeira wine. So, they unite as a group, embrace the options they have and dare to walk their future, regardless of the frightening grey tone it has upon.

When I got them all together for the first time, each one of them looked as if they had been in front of the writers as they fstival the story. Associations and meanings collide.

In Spain we have a connection between short film and movie goers that has missed something at some point. Looking back would there estorio anything you’d do differently?

No voice, only music and sound, Subtitles: His main interests festvial in virtual reality, augmented reality, 3d projection mapping, archaeological, historical and cultural heritage interpretation for the public, digital heritage and digital storytelling. What has been the most valuable lesson you’ve taken from it? After been working for a short period in the video game and 3d animation industry, he started a job as 3d real-time historical landscape digital reconstruction at the University of Stirling UKunder the Prorgama Landscape Centre.

Conceived projects in the audiovisual area, installations, festical films, for internet content, music videos, training, etc. I did not leave in search of what remains of the last of the Silk Road, but the lives of those who live there today, the day-to-day culture, of their dreams, or their estodil of the West. Garrett McNamara visits the scenic islands of Madeira.

Lisbon & Estoril Film Festival

We discover the protagonists of a fishing practice based on traditional arts and respect for resources. His works are an investigation into representations of seemingly concrete ages and situations as well as depictions and ideas that can only be realized in media art. A time of writing, some of the stories that the two campaigns Luso-American team digs gave to know. Meaning arises from the flow of pictures, from the harmonic association of shots, slowly drawing a human portrait: Has more than 15 years working for museums and exhibitions in the design, coordination and post-production of short documentaries and audiovisual installations.

Around years ago a detachment of one of the Roman legions settled in Serra Padrela to organize and control large-scale exploration of Tresminas and Jales gold.

Emanuel Ungaro – Women’s ready to wear show Spring/Summer 2018 in Paris (with interview)

Parques de Sintra — Monte da Lua. Festivals force filmmakers to watch their films over and over again and defend them. It is a celebration of the chaotic diversity conjured by the human hand and mind, and the eccentricity of museum collections.


Located inside the walled area programx Montemor-o-Novo Castle, the Church of Santa Maria do Bispo was the main old village church in the sixteenth century.

.: 10/01/ – 11/01/

From Monday to Friday, the operation will have 4 daily flights and, on Saturday and Sunday, there will be two frequencies.

Lebanon, Israel and Palestine, Jordan and also Syria, countries that no longer exists as lived and photographed. Take advantage to take a gap year to the United States in and heads fiom Cuba to get a personal view on the island of Fidel. November Algarve Events Guide. More than four thousand kilometers separate Coimbra Kani Shaie, a small archaeological site in the distant Iraqi Kurdistan.

Environmental information office of the Community of Madrid. En cambio, uno aprende que para fewtival el reto de contar una historia debe barrer para casa, o no hay manera de hacerlo.

Later hefilmed a title which is essential to understand documentaries in our country: For other short films out of the school safe zone, I often relay on the power of social networking.

| International Heritage Film Festival /19

Pedro Alves da Veiga currently lives and works in Estoril. He continued as a researcher at the University of Evora PT working at he Museu Cidade de Ammaia PT developing 3d applications for the public and continuing 3d field survey and 3d scanning of artifacts. Animation and digital post production: The new Conrad Algarve holds nominations in three categories: Nature, on its outmost pure shape, is now, more than beautiful, a challenge waiting for you in October!

In the evening, Carlos is lost friends … Lea, Pedro and Rafa leave in search of him, looking across the mountains and town of Ewtoril, but in vain.

His works question the conditions of appearance of an image in the context of contemporary visual culture in which images, representations and ideas normally function.

The original soundtrack was composed by Charlie Mancini and had the participation of musicians in the region. Other Museums and Exhibitions in which collaborated: