Seeing the unconscious Kumadori being thrown towards Courthouse Plaza after getting Fukuro’s number four key, deducing Kalifa has the key needed to free Zoro and Usopp, Franky finds himself being knocked off the tower by Chopper. Luffy voice Brad Hawkins Two days later after returning to Water 7, Franky learns of Iceberg’s plan to make the city into a ship in response of Aqua Laguna’s intensity before learning that “the item” he ordered has arrived. Blackbeard’s Darkness Attacks Ace! The season initially ran from May 21, through December 23, on Fuji Television. C’mon man Good to see a new OP fan though. The Straw Hats are not so fortunate as the Marine admirals’ forces renew their attack as their battleships destroy the stolen convoy ship, Sanji reappearing to save Chopper, Kokoro, Chimeney, and Gonbe. But Zoro expresses that Kaku’s skills are not enough to defeat him.

Lastly, they encounter a group of bounty hunters, called the Atchino Family. Meanwhile, Brindo tricks Luffy and company to summon his elder twin brother Canpacino to the Phoenix Pirates’ ship and free him. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. My Cola is the Water of Life! Don’t question filler eps. Retrieved July 17, As Robin attempts to reason with him of what will happen to Enies Lobby once the Buster Call is invoked, Spandam makes another mistake by informing the whole island of the coming threat while admitting that he does not care if the 10, navy soldiers under him are obliterated in process. In the underground passage, the drowning group of Nami, Zoro, Ussop, Sanji, Chopper, Chimeney, and Gonbe are about to lose hope when they are saved by a mermaid:

Hi guys, i just recently started to watch One Piece, it’s been great so far. Chopper arrives at that time and is sent off to obtain the Number 2 key from one of the other assassins. But as Sanji acciho the group, one of the ships announces that the Straw Hats’ accomplices has been wiped out along with the main gate.

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While Garp is revealed to be Luffy’s grandfather, his harsh upbringing methods explaining the pirate’s endurance while criticizing his grandson’s choice to become a pirate, Zoro attempts to attack the navy soldiers until he and Luffy end up facing Garp’s two personal attendants who are revealed to be old acquaintances they have met at the start of their journey: Chopper then begins to climb up the outer wall.


The defeated Accino Family sail away with the Don in tow and finally have a belated birthday celebration, while Albelle makes up with her sister. Big Showdown on the Judicial Island! Meanwhile, Brindo tricks Luffy and company accono summon his elder twin brother Canpacino to the Phoenix Pirates’ ship and free him.

But while Robin ends up being lured into a trap by Lil as part of the girl’s plan to coerce her into remaining with her, Hokera is taken out by Franky after being xccino by Chopper and Jiro while Albelle and Slachow are taken out by Nami and Sanji. The truth is that Buggy and his men stole the tree and brought it aboard the ship of Foxy the Silver Fox.

A simple question is answered: C’mon man Good to see a new OP fan though. Puzzle voice Elias Taylorson Reminded of himself when he was young and tried to stop the dno train from carrying luffj his mentor, Franky agrees as Luffy attempts to ensure the cyborg’s escape by restraining Lucci to no avail. Puzzle awakes after Chopper’s treatment only to reveal some harsh realities on the awaiting crew as he considers his dream lyffy become king of the pirates over.

Log in or Sign up. Retrieved on June 11, The Straw Hats lufgy not so fortunate as the Marine admirals’ forces renew their attack as their battleships destroy the stolen convoy ship, Sanji reappearing to save Chopper, Kokoro, Chimeney, and Gonbe. The 67 episodes of the “Enies Lobby” arc are each 24 minutes in length and, with the exception of three sequels to the fourth One Piece television special acicno episodes throughadapt Oda’s manga from the end of the 39th through the 45th volumes.

Kaku to Jabura Daihenshin ” Japanese: Elegy for a Lying Wolf! As Zoro’s strategy to use Usopp as a weapon falls apart, Chopper’s breather concludes as an overweight Kumadori frees himself from the fridge after eating everything inside.

Soon after, Nami and Chopper find a round and glossy Sanji hitting the ground from a few floors up. Chopper quickly realizes that he cannot break through Kumadori’s body-hardening technique without the effect of his Rumble Ball drug.

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One Piece by Eiichiro Oda. Mangafaux New Member Messages: Retrieved January 30, The Straw Hats’ Outcry!


Views Read Edit View history. We are pleased to invite you to participate. Elsewhere, while Usopp provoked Salchow by knocking out Arbelle with Sanji equally irate, Franky managed to beat Hockera with what cola he has left.

Luckily, before a fight could ensue, Hockera, Albelle, and Salchow manage to activate a trapdoor that sends Zoro to where the other imprisoned Straw Hats are placed save Robin. Though Nami and Franky evaded accimo penguins, they are confronted by Hockera while Usopp and Sanji encounter Arbelle and her husband Salchow.

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As a consequence, Chopper transforms into an oversized and purely instinct-driven version of himself that Kureha had best described as a monster. Don Achino voice Chikao Ohtsuka This breaks Franky’s heart to hear his gang have been slaughtered as he yells for Luffy that he better not get himself killed. Mamore Nagisa no Terebi Kyoku ” Japanese: No, create an account now.

Unable to go back across the Bridge of Hesitation as one of the naval ships blasts the top floors of the Tower of Law into the waterfall, Robin and Franky decide to capture the ship Spandam had intended to use to bring the former to navy headquarters with Spandam having all men emerge to subdue the two by any means.

Although Gomorrah was blinded, he continues on. The sea train hits Franky while jumping through the waterfall and on a crash course into the Tower of Law. But Puzzle captures Brindo and binds him with his chains to the mast. Luffy easily gets past the second gate, while the Franky Family and the Galley-La foremen, following their initial plan, break the first gate’s defenses.

The Girl was called a Devil! Volumes Chapters 1— — — — —current. Possible spoiler about an aspect of the manga Spoiler: The Straw Hat Pirates vs. Retrieved 16 February No Respect Time” Transcription: To overcome the unanticipated obstacle, Zoro changes the plan. Saulo, on the verge of dying, instructs Robin to flee on his raft.