Classically handsome, this watch from Luminox will serve you well at any hour. The stitching is clean and shows care in it’s assembly. Perhaps functional, but kinda ugly. It comes on thick dark brown leather strap with contrast stitching, rivets and double prong roller buckles. After watching the video myself I can tell I’m a bit rusty at reviewing but enjoy! And, its m rating should be sufficient for swimming, snorkeling, bodyboarding, etc. This model is a closeout.

The watch band is rugged looking, but finished well. This watch is water resistant to meters feet. Breguet also made what we consider today to be the first Grande Complication in the history of the horology. Perhaps functional, but kinda ugly. It is possible to recognize a Breguet watch by the legendary Breguet hands, the shimmering guilloche dial, and the finely fluted case band giving your Breguet its strong character. I’m going to hold off on sending it until I see how much it is retail to align the face locally – I’d hate to wait close to a month for this to be fixed.

Shopping Cart Item s: Regrettably the watch revied only completed in which meant that neither Marie Antoinette guillotined inor the watch maker himself Breguet died in surely got to start to see the completed watch. January 1st, 3. Breguet watches are a very famous watch brand and they have a long history. I called their service center to reports this and the woman did not seem surprised – she told me the face could wahch aligned, but it would take approximately 14 business days to complete this from when they received it.

The site you can buy best quality product for black friday. It absolutely was the watch called the Marie Antoinette. I came to hate the sameness in all of their looks. Email required Address never made public.

They are now part of the Swatch Group and is the favourite brand of the chairman, Nicolas Hayek. It also features an ivory colored dial. In Latin, lumi means light and nox means night.


The buckle has two teeth instead of one – likely due to the fact that the leather used for the band is heavy, and would likely put strain on a single tooth. I may have to get some UV to bring out the tubes so that the non-wis’ers can get an idea of what they should expect.

Breguet watches have easily recognisable features such as for example their coin edge cases, blue pomme hands referred to as Breguet hands and their guilloche dials. The illumination is easy to see at night.

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It is thicker than my iPad – I measured it at approximately. Most helpful customer reviews 40 of 42 people found the revew review helpful.

Luminox Field 42mm 1827 Ivory Dial Brown Leather Mens Watch

Results 1 to 4 of 4. I get a lot of compliments on it too.

I uploaded a few pics, so as you can watcn I changed the stock brown leather band to a black silicone sport watchband by Toscana that has a Rolex “Oyster” style design and an extra heavy-duty 6. January 1st, 2. Plus it’s nice and big, but not too big, and the numbers are easy to see at a glance. Perhaps functional, but kinda ugly.

By Deekin Scalesinger I am by no means an expert – I only just got into watches, and this is the most expensive one I own thus far! Sign In Create Account.

Products Related To This Item: You are commenting using your Facebook account. Within the week I hope to have my Orient pocketwatch so that I can review and hopefully do better now that I remember more of the things I should put in a review.


Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: I like that the 12 o’clock position is an offset color hazmat orange than the rest of the illuminations radioactive green. Notify me of new comments via email. With that luminx, I am overall very pleased with theexpect for two small issues noted below.

Luminox Field Day Date Watch (Luminox #) – Tactical Watch

The watch had to be Swiss made. Breguet is watvh a pioneer in lumibox watch-making technologies and is particularly among the oldest surviving watch-making establishments. Jon From Washington D. I wanted a relatively clean, uncluttered face. Sponsored Links Remove Advertisements. Two Year International Warranty Series: His most widely known inventions would be the Breguet spiral which can be found today atlanta divorce attorneys quality watch.

This is a bargain at the price. So many watches are so busy looking that you cannot simply glance at them and tell the time! Also the buckle has a roller – nice touch! I now use a small UV flashlight and boy does wqtch work!!

There clearly was no time limit on making the watch and in addition no restrictions on the price.

It also had to have a sapphire crystal, and be able to withstand constant immersion in the ocean, since I live in Hawaii. It makes it so much easier to adjust the band. Certainly one of their most famous and pioneering technologies may be the tourbillion that has been invented by Abraham Louis Breguet.

I am not extremely careful with watches and most of mine get banged up pretty quick.