He is a chemist, and graduate of the Max Planck Institute. It is the way straight back to the darkest middle ages and dogmas, the loss of free thoughts means the loss of freedom altogether, including the loss of our physical being. Zyklon B insecticide was manufactured by IG Farben. We need to reveal the Holohoax exactly because they want us to shut up about it. You’ve once again proven your a biased hypocrite. The Holocaust is a Hollowhoax and our government is playing right along with it.

People of Hungary and US, let’s fight against the dictators of the world with the common goal to save our freedom and democracy! Please, start a campaign so we can do something about it. Theres no business like Shoa Business. I would urge all your level headed and free thinking readers here to pay her a visit and tell her what we think of her tireless efforts to shove her beloved Holocaust down everyones throats!!!!!!! You don’t start sentences with “but. They are greedy and maybe one day the real holocaust to Jews will really happen beginnig with the Rotschilds, the dark hidden hand. Back to the gutters with the lot of you!

Present “modern” era of moralism-Pharisaism and neo-Pelagianism began w. An easy answer is that there is nothing in writing and no evidence, either incriminatory or exculpatory.

Ted (Teljes film)

Jews with all that financial and media background say that they are chased by non-Jewish I once asked how do we know these horrific things actually happened.

The Bolsheviks were pretty good at that sort of thing. Nobody cares about them. In seducing Eve, the goal was for Satan to produce a mixed race of part Adamic origin, a mongrel race, howevewr, and disrupt the hierarchy which YHWH had created. Britannica Encyclopedia under “dictatorship”: Anyone really think Bush, Kennedy, McCain, Cherthoff give a shit if a poor mestizo peasant lives or dies in his very dangerous trip across the desert to invade Amerika?

Moses was not a “jew;” either was Abraham, Isaac, or Jacob – even Judah, for that matter, or any other character in the Torah – the first 5 books of the Bible. Rieman in German means “workingman” and comes from the Rhine regions such as Cologne and also had family in Pomerania, Poland, and Switzerland. What I am saying is that the premise on its face is log anon hal, you can publish thi Contemporary science owes a lot to medieval monastic scholars, as well.


Those macxkajaj of the devil himself were responsible for more misery in the last two centuries than can be counted stalin, trotsky, lenin, engles etc, should be known as the greatest butchers of all time and not father Adolph. Everyone had Sunday off and could idle to their hearts content.

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I think you would agree, that If either one of these legs collapses, especially the part about gas chambers, then the holocaust becomes myth to be relegated to the dustbin of history. It leaves indelible stains on everything it comes in contact with. Hungarians, Christians with racial and religious discrimination? This not only offends me deeply but it raises my suspicions.

Well, it’s just you mention my consistently re-proven belief that the Holocaust occurred as a ‘religion’, shortly before devolving into a rant on the Talmud. He was not only one of the most prominent historical figures of the twentieth century, but was clearly “on the inside “of every major event in WWII.

They are greedy and maybe one day the real holocaust to Jews will really happen beginnig with the Rotschilds, the dark hidden hand. All the great lies of WWII are slowly being revealed one by one for what they are and people all over the world are learning the real reasons for fighting that awful global war.

Just like we are now, just like Christ was then, just like Ben Franklin was.

Full text of “Svéd-magyar szótár : svensk-ungersk ordbok”

The deaths of fewer thanYHWH-worshipping true Jews as a result of being imprisoined by the false-jew-financed Third Reich was part of the judeo-Bolshevik plan. At least get your fucking story straight and call him Jesus, instead of sounding like an inane fucktard.

The masses will first feel stupid at being duped by the jew.

This information may have mistakes, this is only to display to readers that the veil of secrecy is no longer holding up for the Mind Control Programmers. If it was a hoax, it would have been solidly proven years ago.

Im not sure how but to say to kill the blacks and jews and all non whites is not the way to do it. Auscwhitz was the largest of them all. He exposes the fake “death showers”, the real use of Zyclone-B, the real cause of the jews starvation, typhus, etc.


Sometimes it takes 60 years for it to happen. Few of them survived. Other than after public school Hebrew school lessons and a Bar Mitzvah, my Judaism and Jewish identity was to me only a variation of the whiteness I saw around me, i.

It would be good to have more facts to refute the naysayers.

The holocaust is a fraud. The Hague AA. This war is our war and that it is waged for the liberation of Jewry The real Teljrs happened when My family came to America and put in the same style camps as Gremany had with an est millions of other Europeans.

The last demand from Israel, that the grandchildren dramatized because of what they hear. Noone in these world can hate as much as the Zionists can, and noone claims to be above everyone else! What is it going to take? It eats me up to know that both my grandfather and his father fought and died for the axis in ww2.

The fraud has been perpetrated, many of the victims of the jews have themselves died paupers. And how easy it is to do this thru the Internet when they can easily impersonify anyone with no limits! Here’s source I forgot to adduce: There are no documents to prove that and, if you attempt to refute this, you are merely digging yourself a hole as true history does not need to be ‘defended’. Have you ever noticed that idea of anti-semitism was invented by the jews themselves and the Zionists are those who provoke the others against themselves in order to point back at their fake attacks as anti-semitism?

Then we will take that rage out on the jew. Zyklon B insecticide was manufactured by IG Farben.

The other photos on the pages of these Holocaust books were of German troops, however, rather than photos of the Red Army who actually committed atrocities against White, Christian Russians.