His last appearances were off-contract guest roles on shows like Bubble Gang. But, during their popularity, Jam was diagnosed with lung cancer. However, Sel died after giving birth to their second child. Yasmien Kurdi , Louise delos Reyes. Leo had a deep feelings for Aleli. Eduard Folayang’s dream of becoming a mixed martial arts fighter is disapproved by his father. There, she would meet Mark, a seaman and got married. The use of open-and-close quotation marks to envelope the entire text shows as much.

He also starred in the film Nandito Ako The lives of these three strangers change as they survive the Manila Skyway bus tragedy that almost ended their precious lives. Retrieved April 14, Norman Donita Nose had to hide his true gender especially to his father Tonton Gutierrez for many years. He then meet a stranger who acts friendly and was taken to the forest only to be sexually assaulted and the stranger was actually a pedophile. Benjamin Alves Bea Binene. Sinon suffered cruelty by his parents because of his homosexuality. Aljur Guiang Abrenica [3] born March 24, is a Filipino actor, dancer, model and singer.

Bayarang Adonis: The Kristoffer King Story

However, she suffered set backs when she suffered from anorexia and her stardom began to decline. Leo had a deep feelings for Aleli. Views Read Maypakailanman View history. Before being known as the so-called “La Nueva Kontrabida” a term means “New Villain”, Kyline started as a young actress.


When she dumped Harold, he had his revenge by performing witchcraft on her.

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This article may be too long to read and navigate comfortably. Emil resents Rhoda for her actions, eight years later he comes back and tries to ruin Rhoda and Wendel’s family.

Alam mo na ba ang latest? A second of the two-part special episode about the Davao City bombing that magpakailanmam the events during and after the explosion. Chlaui Malayao Geoff Eigenmann.

Epy QuizonVandolphBoy2 Quizon. She would found out, that her only son was killed by an unknown assailant.

Fabio Ide Diana Zubiri. Mga Kuwento ni Lola Basyang. Lucy was a wztch, hard-working, obedient, smart, responsible, and grew up in a conservative family. Despite this, he was still given lead roles in Kambal Sirena and Once Again.

Like its host Regine VelasquezGolden dreamed of becoming a singer. Retrieved April 16, She was raped by an unknown element and got pregnant. After 16 years, the Contemplacion family would suffer again.

Jaclyn Jose David Remo. He was let go of his home network when his contract expired in March Thea Tolentino KC Montero. Thinking that her husband might change someday, Malen endures this violence but Eric never returned to his old angelic personality instead, his cruel behavior heightens until Malen decided to do right thing and bayarzng for her right as a woman.


In order to continue the life that she’s been dreaming of, a simple life with the man she loves and children who strengthens her, she puts this past behind. A special anniversary presentation shot in Tokyo, Japan.

On the set of ‘Magpakailanman’ (Bayarang Adonis: The Kristoffer King Story)

Julie Anne San Jose. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Marivic finally finds Tyson through the help of social media when his son goes viral on Facebook due to his looks resembling Jeyrick Sigmaton, a social media sensation known as the “Carrot Man”. Feedjit Live Blog Stats. It airs every Saturday on the network’s primetime block. Abrenica is a practicing Catholic.

Linda decided to work abroad for her family. Retrieved June 4, However, Ayana got married and had a child. Retrieved November 21, Aljur Abrenica in photo will depict the life of indie actor-turned-male prostitute Kristoffer King for the April 27 episode of Magpakailanman.