Archived from the original on November 30, During the battle his friend Kazumi Ida and “pretend” girlfriend Kurumi Isoshima are also exposed to magic and thus turned into wizards. The engagement becomes so intense that their powers start to go out of control. Like the action scenes. Characters are interesting also. Anime and Manga portal. Takeshi Nanase is an ordinary high school student who has a somewhat dark and troubled past. Look forward to next week!

A main male character who has a girlfriend though I would expect the drama in later episode , and all of the main cast are now magicians Takeshi and his friends leave the campus to search for her and witness her brother hurting her. I’m sure Mui and Iroshima will have several conflicts over Takeshi, though Takeshi is apparently already dating Iroshima. So, meeting magic girl, becoming magician, getting chased, getting friends to become magicians, too, then defeating one. Unfortunately, Mui accidentally turns Takeshi into an evasion wizard allowing him to dodge any attack or spell cast in his direction by exposing him to magic. Pretty intense start, I like where this is going if they’re going to explain everything thoroughly later on.

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Lol Isoshima’s magic being used on her boobs. Among them are Ida’s younger sister Futaba. Most magic mahoou just want to peacefully coexist with non-magicians, but there are some with bigger ambitions.


That’s some nice kendo skills though.

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Well pretty interesting start, had some 11eyes vibes imo, though hopefully none of the characters turn in to Yuka So everyone becomes a magician that day by getting hit with magic or basically the “gift” is transferred??? Red the Hunter Persona 2: The character design, the animation, everything looked sloppy and unfinished.

It felt rushed as hell. Boogiepop Phantom Carried by the Wind: The focus then shifts to a just-awakened Takeshi who finds himself on the Academy grounds, but they are strangely untouched by recent events. Getting shot at and he still seems to do nothing but flinch, getting there, but can still buy it since we don’t know anything about the guy.

What Takeshi once knew as one world is actually two — the world where magicians live and the world where humans live.

Well, not a shabby first episode. BBCode I mainly see the animes Anime and Manga portal. While looking for help he discovers she is wizard from another world, who is being chased by a wizard community known as Ghost Trailer.

That was certainly interesting. Damn a promising start of the series.

Mahou Sensou Episode 1 English Subbed at gogoanime

This series can turn out good or bad from what I’ve seen so far. Everything else is fine for now. Looks interesting so far, but the rules got me confused. It seems generic and cliche, but I hope they change things in the futures episodes. But putting gogonaime aside, i still think this was an interesting first episode. Cardcaptor Sakura Movie 2: All in all, if nothing else I’ll watch this to be entertained, but my expectations are kinda low lol.


Patlabor the Movie 3 Hajime no Eppisode Retrieved July 28, The guy’s not afraid of the girl with a gun like that that tried to shoot him and he fought a big dude holding a blade like that with his bamboo sword. A nearby poster indicates that the year is – 16 years in the past. Kiba — Strawberry Panic! January 9, [12].

The bamboo sword not being cut by the giant FF sword. Now there’s something you don’t see everyday.

During the battle his friend Kazumi Ida and “pretend” girlfriend Kurumi Isoshima are also exposed to magic and thus turned into wizards. Let’s see if mahoou be 1-cour or 2-cour. Nothing special about them. A girl who tried to redeem her brother but refuses.