Obviously a cheap ploy to build interest for another season, or at least an OVA. Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum. Indeed horrible I would actually prefer they would actually stick with the plot instead of rushing it. Ida had potential to be a great character, but was sadly left in the background until they needed his magic for some petty thing that was obviously there just to give him a reason to show up on screen. At least we got a few battle scenes. Mui was adorable, and provided great fanservice, and could have been a great female lead if this show wasn’t obsessed with the most useless female character of all time Kurumi. I’m not saying it’s bad because it disappointed my expectations, for I had none to begin with. I will definitely be following Mahou Sensou weekly this season and I hope you will too!

Mui then apologizes to Takeshi because she turned him into a magician, too, and what Takeshi once thought was just one world is actually two — the world where magicians live and the world where humans live. Which is why I said up top that this seemed more like a prologue. This entire Anime needs to taken out back and buried. I hope that this sudden ending of a completely new arc means, that the studio is gonna air a 2nd season for sure, because if this show got a 2nd season I’m pretty sure alot people gonna enjoy it. Unfortunately that kind of hurt the episode in a huge way especially considering its the final episode. Email required Address never made public. Lol wtf kind of ending was that? He needed to realize who his brother is, he got tricked again.

Wow that had rwcap be the best episode and yet why was it the last one? I would recommend this series to classic magic genre loving fans as well as action fans.


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Maybe a second season would fix some plot holes but since there probably won’t be a second season it’s just how it is and it’s pretty crap.

That cheesy terrible OST playing during the fight scene Yeah, that’s in everything these days. This series lacked in the originality of execution, as I’ve already said it was full of flaws, but those flaws did not make it any less entertaining.

Due to certain circumstances, he is dating his childhood friend Kurumi Isoshima, but they are in a “fake” relationship.

And if they did rest of the episodes interesting like this1 many ppl would like this anime and would want second reca. Notify me of new posts via email. I personally enjoyed the Gekkou Takeshi fight as two brothers going at it to potentially resolve conflicts and trying to get some aligned interests is never unwelcome.

Takeshi Nanase will do anything to get out of his house, even go to hell — or so he says. On a side note: She couldn’t have just pulled him back?

We were given, in the beginning, the groundwork for a good story no matter how many times it’s been told before. With SideReel you can The main group of characters, the premise and the general magic world was all laid out for us in a nicely packaged 25 minutes. Considering my thoughts that this series seems more like a prologue to something bigger, I theorized two possibilities.

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He’s sensoj, immature, innocent, and a victim of some of the absolute worst parenting in the history of bad parenting. But, it was not terrible, nor was it deserving of all the hate it’s getting. This has to be the best anime I’ve Going back in time made no sense for something occuring at the 20 minute mark and just gave no one any idea what was going on. That reecap a given, and cannot be helped really. To some, you are a good person, while to others, you are a bad person.


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You are commenting using your Facebook account. Mui’s brother, he was pretty much only around when they needed an enemy or someone to save them. But, it was entertaining and interesting. And gosh Mui is so interesting.

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Rushed, and fell flat real quick. I hoped the ending would make up for the shit show, but nope.

Seriously what the fuck is with that middle of the story ending? The show wasn’t bad but it didn’t live up to expectations. Or in any other direction to sensok getting hit? BBCode Odds are I’m not going to find my way back to a thread after my first post, it happens on occasion but not sehsou.

This episode made me so mad holy shit. The beginning of the anime started off with promise, the animation and magic effects was pretty low key for the most part and disappointing which is odd for Madhouse even looking at the No Game No Life PV which looks much better and more refinedand the soundtrack was unmemorable.