Television portal drama portal s portal. Manahil’s family plans to invite Mikaeel, and her father calls him, but he misbehaves with him. High ratings may well have been the reason for its decline in quality, as the producers realised that this cash cow could be milked for another 10 episodes. He scolds her for being a typical wife and tells his parents that he cannot live with her. Jeena apologises and Manahil walks away. Speaking about her character Khan said, “my role is the surprise element in the drama.

Salahuddin watches Tipu Manahil’s son and Mikaeel’s mother playing in the park. Retrieved 21 August Retrieved 3 August Manahil’s parents leave Manahil in misery because she tells them that Mikaeel wants her to leave but she doesn’t want to go, she has a responsibility. While Mikaeel says to her to stop over-acting and go back in the house. Failing in her plans Jeena tries to poison Manahil, but Salahuddin becomes victim, considering herself as Salauhuddin’s murderer, Jeena commits suicide.

Salahuddin ask her mother that he wants to marry Manahil, though reluctant she seems agree.

Retrieved 26 July Retrieved 21 June Jeena calls Manahil, to convince him that only way to get money from Salahuddin is to take Manahil back and she also instruct Jameel to take children and Epissode in a park, without telling her real motive.

Manahil tries to adapt the environment of Mikaeel’s life and gives away her old clothes and accessories. Manahil tries to make Mikaeel understand who tells her that he wants to make this home a casino and throws Manahil, along with her children, out of the house.

Mikaeel’s father jo him to leave the house. Manahil blames Salahuddin for her parents in-law’s death, as she thinks he told them about Mikaeel’s gambling. After seeing Rehman’s condition and knowing that he has cancer, Salahuddin decides to stay to take care of him but Ifti denies, however his wife agrees and gives all responsibilities of Rehman to him.

After failing in jhalil attempt to separate Manahil and Salahuddin, Jeena suicides. List of Turkish television series topic This is a list of Turkish television series. Jameel follows Salahuddin’s instructions to keep an eye on Manahil, and slowly develops a contact telling Salahuddin’s sayings, who he refers to her as “Guru”.

Doctor later told Manahil that Salahuddin condition is lethal and he can be put on a life supportdisheartened by their fates and feeling responsible for his condition she ask Jameel to take care of him and leaves. Retrieved 30 January Salah-ul-Din sister Rabiya calls him to leave Manahil, and move on with Jeena and informs about their parents coming to Karachi.


Inshe appeared in the short movie What’s Love Doing in the Mountains? Salahuddin starts to take care of Rehman while Manahil marries Mikaeel who proves to be an abusive husband and also who has a gambling problem.

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Dear viewers, We have to face many technical problems in broadcasting this channel. He then moved to Istanbul and took his undergraduate major programme of vocal mnaahil in Marmara University.

Manahil’s family convinces her to stay with Salah-ul-Din for a while until her father’s recovery. Ahem’s death sparks ‘Saathiya’ in UK”. The series was officially decided to film in late tillhowever creative head Momina Duraid decided to release it in along with few other shows to improve the position of channels Monday, Sunday and Tuesday slots for its future programming, as a result Director Haseeb Hassan and production house delayed the ongoing shoot of their series Sanam.

The character of Mikaeel portrayed by Gohar Rasheed received critical appraisal from critics, but he faces criticism and harsh reaction as Mikaeel from public, in an interview he said, “a woman came up to me and asked if i am Mikaeel from Mann Mayalwhen i said yes, she responded, You are a bad person and you should leave this place before we slap you.

Only the blue earth section of the logo is displayed throughout commercial sections. Despite Manahil’s consent Salah-ul-Din buys toys for children. Retrieved 15 March Copyright Disclaimer Under Section High ratings may well have been the reason for its decline in quality, as the kualil realised that this cash cow could be milked for another 10 episodes.

Minahil Aur Khalil (Episode 57)

Retrieved 8 March July 29, 20 August televised. Mikaeel asks Manahil to do house chores, along her social life with him. Salahuddin’s mother tells Manahil that he truly loves her and would give everything to keep them safe, feeling bad for what she said earlier she calls Salahuddin’s only to find out that she is at Jeena’s house.

The soundtrack was praised for its lyrics and composition and vocals, QB and co-singer Shuja Hyder received much appraisal for their singing as well as enthusiastic reviews for Hyder composing, particularly Hyder being praised for “his vocals add depth and variety to the proceedings. Inthe channel produced its first Manahil gives birth to a girl. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


nno Manahil’s father accepts Mikaeel’s proposal, while Salahuddin receives a job in his friend’s firm in Karachi. Which leaves Manahil heartbroken, so she changes her appearance to please Mikaeel. Hayat and murat drama hindi in urdu dubbed program full 1 s created Saqib Created Year ago. Halil attends the wedding and is astonished to discover his lover is the bride. Retrieved 31 May Jeena becomes more jealous seeing Salah-ul-Din manahol for Manahil. Mikaeel calls Manahil and ask her that he wants to meet children.

She expresses her feelings to Jameel and he warns her not to go mnahil Salahuddin as it is a hollow pursuit. Salahuddin tries to make Manahil understand that she should leave Mikaeel, but she tells him that she will always be ready to go back to him, despite the fact that he has hated her since the day they got married.

When Mikaeel returns the money to his father, his father asks him how he earned all this money so fast, but Mikaeel rudely refuses to answer. Salahuddin meets Mikaeel and both share their thoughts about Manahil. Manahil’s father meets Salahuddin and tells him mwnahil he is the “best” choice for Manahil eisode he wants better for his daughter and asks him to meet Mikaeel to inquire about him and his character.

Her paternal family is from Erzincan. Saddened by her result, she furiously runs back home and locks herself.

Minahil Aur Khalil (Episode 57) – video dailymotion

Jeena ask Salah-ul-Din’s mother for their marriage who tells her that proposal should come from her family member or friends. Manahil comes back to her house, crying, after facing rejection from Rpisode house and tells her father that she will never forgive Salahuddin for not accepting her. After seeing Manahil without Salahuddin, Mikaeel sees his plan gone wasted he asked her to leave.