Box office result of Manasara Manasara has generated mixed response at box office. Karthik and Bharat — the other heroes of the film are new. Light-hearted melodies are often considered his forte. Plot Rajapalayam in Kerala is a village where time has literally stood still. Member feedback about Hindu temple: The Paruchuri Brothers are a screenwriting duo brothers whose work is predominant as story writers, dialogue writers, actors, directors, poets, playwrights, and novelists in Indian Telugu Film Industry, composed of Paruchuri Venkateswara Rao born 21st June and Paruchuri Gopala Krishna born 25th September.

You are at idlebrain. Ravi Babu is a kind of director who writes script first and then does the casting. Viswanath, Balu Mahendra, B. Vishwanatha Menon and Jayapradha teacher. Cinejosh Verdict of the Movie Manasara: He made his silver screen debut with the Telugu film Manasara The word kalari tatt denoted a martial feat, while kalari kozhai meant a coward in war.

Performance wise Vikram is not that handsome and not a conventional hero material but he suited well to the character of Vikram.

Rajkumar is an Indian film music director who hails from Chennai, Tamil Nadu. She has recorded more than songs for various films and albums.

Dravidian architecture topic Dravidian style temples are characterized by Yali pillars The Annamalaiyar Temple in Thiruvannaamalai,Movje Nadu The Teli ka Mandir in Gwalior Fort Dravidian architecture is an architectural idiom in Hindu temple architecture that emerged in the southern part of the Indian subcontinent or South India, moviw its final form by the sixteenth century.

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Show her your heart, not your face, Kutty advises Vikram. Especially his dialogue delivery helped the character to establish an image.

The diminutive of abacus, abaculus, is used to describe small mosaic tiles, also called abaciscus or tessera, used to create ornamental floors with detailed patterns of chequers or squares in a tessellated pavement. After completing his secondary education, he chose to pursue a career a medicine and studied for his MBBS degree in Russia.


Kanasara of this entire movie is packed in two departments and they are Cinematography of Sudhakar Reddy and Music from Sekhar Chandra.

Now, Peetadhipathis decide to conduct the Kalari fighting competition between Vikram and Rajan Pillai to choose the right partner for Jovie. The story is an adaptation of the Uttara Kanda from Ramayana.

The village folk lived and breathed Kalaripayittu that was their God, cllmax and justice and were totally cut off from the modern world. Member feedback about Bateshwar Hindu temples, Madhya Pradesh: Member feedback about Pichi Pullayya: Hindu architecture is a traditional Hindu system of temple architecture, monasteries, mausoleums and other architectural religious buildings of Hinduism. She did well and deserves applause”. The gauntlet is thrown and a boy with no knowledge of Kalaripayittu is pitted against the champ.

Member feedback about Shekar Chandra: I knew producer Anne Ravi for a long time and I bounced the story idea to him. Member feedback about List of Telugu films of Karthik and Bharat — the other heroes of the film are new. Few specimens survive of early works due to the perishable nature of wood, particularly ina hot and humid climate.

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We found Ravi Babu to be the right director for my launch film and approached him. Rama Rao king of Ratnapuri, moves for hunting where he meets a guy Bhaja Bhadraiah Relangihe keeps him in his place and he changes his attire as a soldier just for fun.

A Badami Shiva temple in Karnataka. Around this chamber there are often other structures and buildings, in the largest cases covering several acres. The film’s script was written by Samudrala Raghavacharya.

Architecture of a Hindu temple Nagara style. Wooden idols of India topic Wooden idols have traditionally been made in India, as a tractabe and commonly-available material to artists and craftsmen in architecture and sculpture. Kunjanmenon and Porayath Meenakshi Amma. We have started on the script work of Race six months after the release of Manasara. Subba Rao under the B. He is famous for songs appealing to the masses. Heroine Sri Divya looks cute and sweet with strong features which suited to her character of next door girl.


All three main characters have equal roles. The way he added the Kerala nativity and Kalari flavor to a regular love story is impressive. She completed her schooling from Loyola, Vanasthalipuram, Hyderabad. He liked it and suggested a talented writer called Shankar who has impeccable comedy timing.

In the Greek Doric order, the abacus is a plain square slab without mouldings, supported on an echinus.

Krishnan Kutty intervenes and calls for a meeting of the village elders. Vasantha thwarts his dubious plans.

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After his break, he was first offered the First half has good entertaining stuff and two beautiful songs Parava Ledu… and Nuvvila… made youth to go in loud whistles for lyrical excellence, sweet compositions and brilliant presentation on the screen where we see Ravi Babu making a cameo appearance. Viswanath, Balu Mahendra, B. Member feedback about Lava Kusa: He acted in cimax few Malayalam and Telugu movies as well.

Member feedback about Igbomina: Coming from TV background, Sri Divya was a cool fit in the movie. I play the role of Clikax who is a balanced guy and wants stability in life. He has assessed my strengths and weaknesses and then prepared a script. Script by Satyanand looked quite good in first half and became weak in second half with no engrossing movements. Mon 25th May