The Movie 2nd A’s. They Were Eleven space mystery – dated but watchable They Were Eleven space mystery – dated but watchable. Add – More Magi: Martial Arts, naked assassins, sex, violence, blood. Add – More Bernard-jou Iwaku. Add – More Guilty Crown. Add – More Eat-Man. Add – More Joukamachi no Dandelion.

Add – More Aikatsu! Ai to Kanashimi no Final Battle. Add – More Ghost Hunt. Add – More Fireball Charming. Add – More Amanchu! Fun crappy anime , it’s only 40 min.

Short realistic CGI war drama with bunnies and camels -animeselect. Add – More Captain Earth.

Maoyuu episode 1 animeultima bleach

Add – More Denki-gai no Honya-san. For the Gamers For the Gamers. Add – Maoju Kokoro Connect. Add – More Little Witch Academia. Add – More Koi Kaze.

Crossadder’s Anime List –

Slow pacedChristian themes. Add – More Hanamaru Youchien.

Add – More Dwaejiui Wang. Add – More Bleach.


,aoyu Add – More Asobi Asobase. Add – More Ajin Part 1: Wacky supernatural comedy from Oh. Add – More Egao no Daika Airing. Add – More Heroic Age.

Remember My Love craft-sensei Special. Add – More Dennou Coil. Not as good as the movies animation wisebut still excellent. Add – More Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu. Add – More Agitated Screams of Maggots.

Add – More KanColle Movie. Unlimited Blade Works Prologue. Add – More Ladies versus Butlers! One of the shorts from the Young Animator Training Project.

Add – More Katte ni Kaizou. The Labyrinth of Magic. Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri 2nd Season. Add – More Kiniro Mosaic. Add – More Giovanni no Shima. Add – More Black Lagoon. Add – More Bleach: Add – More Gotou ni Naritai. Erased -A must see Anime! Add – More Ayakashi: Episode 13 Episode Cuteslapsticksilly comedy about a girl who’s half dragon.


Jym’s Anime List –

Sweet, cute, touching, slice-of-life. Add – More Guilty Crown. Add – More Kyoukaisenjou no Horizon.

Pink Shock will never stop. Add – More Death Billiards. Add – More Brave Story. Add – More Dimension W. The King of Eden. Add – More Another. Add – More Hagure Yuusha no Aesthetica. Jigen Daisuke no Bohyou. Add – More Kekkai Sensen.