Again on your Android Device: The small LED is not meant to be a flashlight,. The LED light will blink white. Set Alert Vibration Intensity — This feature sets the vibration level on your watch. Dropping it can potentially cause damage. The closer the number is to zero 0 , the stronger the signal. The App has five tabs: Pressing the bottom button once initiates the Status Bar display sequence on the OLED display, giving you information on four successive screens.

Grant Permissions — Two to three pop-up windows will appear asking permission to connect to contacts and MAP profile. Each performs a different function: The crystal of your Martian is made of acrylic. Battery Life – Martian Notifier allows days of use time. Add to my manuals Add. When you unlock your iPhone, you receive old email alerts that you have already received:

Turn on your watch long-press the bottom button. Handle and store batteries properly to avoid injury or damage. If this happens, tapping the top button again will initiate another command. The following battery use and safety information applies to all Martian Watches, including Martian Notifier.

When the item of interest is displayed, use the top button to martiaj to the option you would like. Launches voice command function on your phone or tablet and dismisses them on iOStoggles status changes within the Martian Notifier watch menu, and scrolls notification history forward. Rotate it to set the time, then push it in until you hear a click. Page of 27 Go. Or you can also manually choose a city and the display will show the time in that city at all times.

After pressing the top button to enter the Setup sub-menu, navigation works the same as in the primary menu. Notifies users of notifications. Page of 10 Go. Demo Sample Notifications — After your watch and phone are paired, tap one of these items to see how a text message or email notification will instrutcions on your watch. Page 3 Watch Status Display.


Tap on Scroll Speed to choose a speed from 1 to 4; where 4 is the fastest. Each performs a different function: In such areas, sparks can occur and cause an explosion or fire. Keep your Martian Notifier away from small children.

On your martiam or Device: Check the Apple website for more information about how to check iMessage System Status. If this happens, tapping the top button again will initiate another command.

Pairing Martian Watch to Android Phone

A short-cut to finding your phone is to simply press the top button on your watch. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: Don’t have an account? Troubleshooting Martian Notifier turns off unprompted: Active from — Choose the time when you want the martiwn to begin. The crystal of your Martian is made of acrylic.

Your messages scroll across the OLED display on your watch.

Registration allows you to learn about software and firmware upgrades for your watch. To use this, first open your iPhone camera instructjons your device. Battery Life — Your Martian Notifier allows days of use per charge.


Choose the way you want the date to be displayed; This feature is helpful to see numbers in bright sunlight or to easily see your progress while on the move with fitness apps.

For long-term storage, please be sure to charge and discharge your Martian Watch at least once every six months to prevent a decrease in battery performance; store your Martian Watch in a dry place with low humidity and at temperature range of 10? Incoming call, battery fully charged, or voice command.


The firmware on your Martian watch is subject to new updates from time to time that may add new features, improve functionality, and more. After a moment, a 6-digit number will appear on your watch and App.

Page 5 App to your device. Please refer to your state laws for further information. They are not toys and may be hazardous to small children.

Similar to a computer, if a child does use your Martian, you may want to monitor their access to help prevent exposure to inappropriate apps or content.

Apple is not responsible for the? Factory Restore To restore your Martian Notifier back to original factory settings, lnstructions sure your watch is on and charged.

Pairing Martian Watch to Android Phone – Martian Watches

Reading Texts While Driving Reading incoming texts on your Martian Notifier watcg driving is not recommended, and may be illegal in your state. When you receive a notification, the watch vibrates with a specific pattern and the OLED display shows an icon representing the type of alert. On your Android Device: Add to my manuals Add.

Children Keep your Martian Notifier away from small children. The standard method is a long-press of the top button. The LED light will flash green and the watch will vibrate to acknowledge your request. Martian has established general default patterns to give you a start in setting your own patterns. Shows your Bluetooth connection strength.