Its mosque is in the midst of the markets. Epistemological Bias in the Physical and Social Sciences. Haly is a littoral town flourishing and prosperoas and with abundant supplies. There is the impress of a foot on its summit, sunk to a depth o! The Soul English Hardcover By: Most of the leather of commerce comes from these towns. Tho principal town on this canal was an-HIl.

Some Arab geographers, again, divide the southern hemisphere into seven climates as well, thus making the fourteen climates of our author ; but this division serves no practical end and is generally left out of account. I have also seen in their possession charts and sailing directories which they constantly study and follow with implicit confidence. Most of these wells are in the mountains. But the sun does not follow a direct line with reference to the equator: The form of this Peninsula, be it known, is like a hall, open in front and somewhat longer than it is broad, in which a couch has been placed from the front side to the door, with empty spaces between it and each of the two walls on its right and left. It is suiToonded by a number of forts and towns, one of which being Al-Falaj. They do not make use of cloaks to ward off rain. Nabrn-l-Malik, or the Royal canal, is the Nalir-Malka of classical writers.

The fourth gate, and its floor is cemented. All places on the same latitude as these, are likewise contained in this clirnato.

The province with the most ingenious people and merchants and the greatest amount of profligacy, is Faris. I answered, The first point is this: There is a mosque in tho western quarter of the town also, as well as markets and water-wheels for irrigation.

English English Hardcover By: Jabalah is largo and product s several articles of com- merce ; it is commanded by an impregnable fortress called al-Muhd, outside of which stands the mosque. A few of the cities of Islam have altogether been left out in this account, as we are unacquainted with them ; aUAndalus, however, is comparable to the African side of this province, or very nearly so. It is suiTOuiided by a ditch and guarded by iron gates.

Saint Mary (Maryam Al-Muqaddasa) (2002)

Somo nations, as the ancient Chaldeans and the modern Greeks, have chosen sunrise for the coinmencmrient of the dsy ; others, again, as the Italians and Bohemians suppose it to commence at sunset. Smith, I, and Abulf. It then occurred to me to compose some new music to sing before tho Amir on my arrival to him ; and perhaps, thought I, in moving my tongne, thy throat will also fhe wetted and my sufferings will be alleviated.


It wae 6 farsakJiH distant from Qa?

The following is a r4sum6 of tho authentic traditions with regard to the second advent of Christ. The four gardens of the world hate been mentioned already, see p.

As to Mu’awiyah, may God be gracious to him ; but as for thee, thou liest, 0 man of error. The Rock, verse This district lies immediately to the north of Qalrabbul. In the City muqadvasi Peace many beautiful and mre articles of merchandise are to be found, as well as all kinds of silken cloths and other things.

It is a town of some importance, but destitute of fertility.

Others place it at al-Muz- dalifah on tho right hand of such a person ; but unless there are two hills of this name, one in Mina and the other in al-M nzdalifah, which is not very probable, the ‘weight of evidence is on tbo side of the Mina situation. Annual precipitation in this zone is usually between millimetres and 1, millimetres, most of it in the form of snow during winter and it also has cold winters and warm summers.

Having assembled round him nil the foreigners, he questioned them with respect to the various states and their revenues ; the state of the roads lending to them ; the altitude of the stains above marryam horizons, and tlie extent of the shadow therein when the sun is in the meridian.

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Al-Abtali is at eqnal distanco from Mina and Makkah ; perhaps nearer to Mina. It is a source of gain for those who visit it. Faris, Qandahar of al-Hiud, al-Urdimn and Bairut, on the ex- tremity adjoining Syria; so also are all places on the same latitude, to the east and to the west. A Tehran mullah-in-training struggles to take care of his ailing wife and their children in this profoundly moving melodrama. W The mqryam is uncertain ; written in the text.

Azerbaijani wine — Azerbaijani wine is produced in several regions throughout Azerbaijan. Bacla YaSpib is on the highway of Egypt, flourishing and populous. Indian flotillas have on several occasions, in the time of the Caliphs, made descents up to the very banks of the Tigris ; while it appears from the statements of the Chinese traveller, Te, that in the first half of the Vllth century, most of the muqaddwsi cities of Persia contained colonies of Indians who enjoyed a full muqaedasi of their religion.


See al-Kdmil of Ibnud Aifelr under the year H. The Climates op the World and the Position of the Qiblah.

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Herud Ali Ekber Diribas Its citadel is well built and its market brisk. Paris, Kirman and as- Sind are situated at the further side of JQiuzistan, in a continuous line, with tlie sea on the south and the desert and Khurasan on the north. This story basically follows the most important happenings in Prophet Josephs life, from the view of muslims.

So he went to the royal camp, which was pitched in I In tho year 72 A. W Isbijab or Asbijab. In maaryam saying it is thus: I have also inquired into the revenues and estimated mivie amount, and have examined likewise into the condition of climate and water.

For the burial service which consists of four takblrs or Alidhu akbar repeated four times with some short prayers, see Hughes p. The reraaini ig capitals of districts are The town is sur- rounded by a ditch and has three gates covered with iron plates.

Less considerable than these, are tbe following rivers: The story will be again referred to in another part of the book. Off the island of as-Silab, there is likewise a perilous strait ; and commanders, in apprehen- sion of danger to their ships, steer clear of it to the left, where they find themselves on the broad sea.

There are in the territory of Islam certain places and shrines that do not really exist, or have doubtful situations. Movi which most abounds in sugar-candy, rice, musk and infidels, is as-Sind. Besides, I have had my share in all tliat commonly falls to the lot of travellers, with the exception of begging and the commis- sion of a grievous sin.

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Epistemological Bias in the Physical and Social Sciences.