Can’t think of any other “older” actor who can have that bearing, that presence, that gravitas, as well as the ability to show the different layers of emotions required by the role. We should be thankful and enjoy that while we can. Now with all this information and her love for Jung Hoo in spite of all this she ran after him once she saw how her reaction to him hurt him. Dee January 28, at 7: After reading what koala wrote about yoo ji tae, I felt a little sad. Kang San had been send to study in America by his grandfather because.

But I’d like to see a father-daughter chat on it at some point. November 14, at 2: Witnessing it for the first time for me that I’ve felt this way about an actor January 13, at 6: JCW can emote so well with just his eyes, without saying anything or doing any moves. Chin Mei Jerry says:

November 6, at He’s the maknae of the family and cries a lot? But I also think it was too much. July 17, at 7: In fact, I remember him looking gaunt, weak, washed-out and like a shadow of his awesome self in that drama. I wonder is there more than 30 episode. Now there is the added complication of telling an adopted parent about a birth parent so she will probably be even more wary but before she didn’t know that and still didn’t share her problems.

So you mean every Sun to Wed, there will be 3 episodes uploaded and 1 episode on Thur to Sat? Yes Yoo Ji Tae wowed me from the beginning! October 28, at 8: It was about my father and your father? August 20, at 3: September 9, at I hope good ending where Qian En will end up with Zhang Han and no twist in the end! September 10, at 8: Meaning new characters etc.


July 28, at 9: There is also the issue of letting them know of Bong Soo’s real identity and why he was hiding it. Let c if this could surprises me same as Ban Shou Lian Ren which i really galled for it.

May Queen Episode 1. November 1, at 1: His acting is very well controlled and not over the top, it’s actually very natural However, she is smart enough to know that Healer cut epispde nail for a DNA test.

Selasa, 25 September May Queen Episode 9. October 11, at September 20, at The Queen of Sop is beyond expectation! Why do I keep feeling like Jung Hoo is about to be branded as murder suspect even though everyone around nay he didn’t kill him just like his dad? August 5, at 2: By all means, do consider yourself part of the Singapore Beanies gang! His pain and heartbreak is damacrazy.


But yesterday is Thursday and only have one episode‚Ķoh, so sad. She was originally a general surgeon, but quickly found that it was an overworked, under-paid profession and jumped ship to plastic surgery. October 5, at 3: He clocks her reaction and stops, while she asks him about the piece of fingernail he hired Healer to take from her. I love epispde show, I watched them all, I recommended, if u are interested in my full review, please visit my blog. Maybe he subconsciously knows it, so that’s why there’s no more lines-in-the-sand morality for him.


I kind of cut short the story. Han Ji Hye Main Cast.

Dramas-Subeng: Queen In Hyun’s Man

May Queen Episode 7. They even have a guess as to who that man is. April 3, at 9: As they head to the car, Young-shin fills Moon-ho in on what his brother said about Jung-hoo being the Healer and working against him. I’m sure many followers of Pride and Prejudice just continued to watch the same channel and not just start watching Healer.

While he dra,acrazy a tragic past and childhood scars to chase his dream, he gets caught up in a bitter rivalry with the rich successor to a corporation. Jaysus, did I just objectify him? It looks baaadddd for Jung Hoo.

Episode 17

Mary Bethany January 28, at 4: July 21, at January 27, at 6: Proves how deep their love and connection is, dramaxrazy a way even they dont understand!!! November 30, at 5: Jung-hoo gives the name to Min-ja to track down.

I hope he wasn’t talking about discovering the truth about the crime his father was accused of because that in no way has impact on who he is. May even visit him in prison. October 29, at 8: