Mystery Crashes [n 3]. Beechcraft C ; light aircraft: On 4 April , Southern Airways Flight , a flight from Huntsville, Alabama to Atlanta , Georgia , flies through a severe thunderstorm and is hit by large hailstones. Atlantic Southeast Airlines Flight However, the crew of Flight followed the instructions of the air traffic controller instead of their TCAS and initiated a descent as well. The aircraft crashed due to a loss of control from wake turbulence from a Mexicana Boeing On 17 July , Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 disintegrates in mid-air and crashes while en route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur , killing all passengers and 15 crew members on board. All 46 passengers and crew members on board are killed.

The main landing gear drop and lock through gravity but the nose wheel fails to descend, so the Boeing lands and skids along with its nose on the airstrip. On 28 November , a fire breaks out on South African Airways Flight in the rear main cargo area as it is flying high above the Indian Ocean. On 25 October , a chartered Learjet 35 operated by Sunjet Aviation, carrying golfer Payne Stewart and his agents, flies off course shortly after takeoff. Their mistakes cause the aircraft to fly into a mountain near Buga. McDonnell Douglas DC both aircraft. Our favorite trailers of the week include another round of “Let it Go” and a talking Pokemon.

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Air China Flight However, the crew of Flight followed the instructions of the air traffic controller instead of their TCAS and initiated a descent as well. A member of the cabin crew clings to his legs as the co-pilot completes an emergency landing without any deaths.

Crash of the Century [n 2]. The aircraft’s vertical stabilizer had vibrated loose during flight due to excessive wear on sub-standard bolts, sleeves, and pins that had been illegally sold as “aircraft-grade.

The fuselage failed from corrosion damage and improperly-repaired fatigue cracks. The crew successfully lands the aircraft at Naha Airport in Okinawa. The crew keep the aircraft flying for 32 minutes until it clips Mount Takamagahara and crashes, killing all but four of the people on board. The crew makes an emergency landing at Detroit without any loss of life. On 4 FebruaryTransAsia Airways Flight strikes a viaduct and crashes into the Keelung River shortly after takeoff from Taipei Songshan Airportkilling 43 of the 58 people on board.


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Airspeed Ambassador ; Flight Additionally, several of the engines’ brakes were completely inoperative, but this information was not passed on to the crews. On 13 MaaydayAir Florida Flight 90 stalls at feet altitude, strikes a road bridge and crashes into the Potomac Riverkilling 78 people.

In preparation for an emergency landingthe crew descend the aircraft but unknowingly descend too far by relying on the false readings. Reeve Aleutian Airways Flight 8. The gull was aggravated by the aircraft being repeatedly buffeted by jet blast from larger aircraft while parked, stressing the cables further.

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The Tenerife airport disaster. The investigation concluded that ice had built up on the aircraft’s wings, causing the loss of control. On 15 NovemberContinental Airlines Flight stalls and crashes off the right side of the runway shortly after taking off in a snowstorm from Stapleton International Airport in DenverColoradoon a scheduled flight to Boise, Idahokilling 28 of the 82 people on board.

I’ve seen it done with no trouble. This special looked at terrorist acts, including bombings and shootdowns. The cause of the fire is unknown. More than a week later, an underground gasoline pipelinedamaged by earth-moving equipment during the post-crash clean-up, ruptures and sparks a fire that kills another two people. Clerks in Mojave had greatly underestimated the train’s weight, and it had been assembled without enough locomotives to provide adequate braking. Flying at night, the crew fail to notice their descent until only seconds before crashing into the Everglades.

On 26 AprilChina Airlines Flight pitches upwards, enters an aerodynamic stall at low altitude and crashes approximately feet east-northeast of the centreline of the runway while on final approach to Nagoya Airport in NagoyaJapan.

System Breakdown [n 4]. The aircraft rolls to the right and crashes into an apartment complex, killing all 4 on board and 39 on the ground. On 7 SeptemberYak-Service Flightcarrying the Lokomotiv Yaroslavl professional ice hockey team, crashes shortly after takeoff at YaroslavlRussiakilling all but one of the 45 occupants. All the 64 people on board the aircraft, including gliider 5 hijackers, are killed, along with people in the building. All 45 people on board are killed.


Rob Desjardins Shelly Findlay Wind shear forces the crew to abort the approach just one mile from the runway.

The investigation found that the pilots intentionally descended below the minimum descent altitude. On takeoff, the captain finds that his airspeed indicator is not reading properly, though the eisode indicator is showing the correct speed. On 24 NovemberCrossair Flight crashes into a hill during final approach to Zurichkilling 24 of the 33 passengers and crew members on board. The two fulk, the flight attendant, and two passengers are killed in the crash.

Boeing ; Flight The causes of the crash were the aircraft deviating above the required approach path for its landing, touching down too far along the runway and the crew deploying the thrust reversers too slowly.

The aircraft banks to the left and crashes into an open field, killing all people on board and 2 people on the ground. On 2 Junea fire breaks out on Air Canada Flight ‘s toilet. Search for ” Gimli Glider ” on Amazon. An air traffic controller mistakenly assigned Flight to land on a runway where SkyWest Flight was waiting to take off. All people on board survive. American Eagle Flight Head-on Collision [n 1]. On 25 JanuaryAvianca Flight giml, a flight from Colombia to New York Cityis delayed numerous times by bad weather en route and is dangerously low on fuel as it attempts a landing.