There is no ands, ifs, or buts. If you like Shakugan no Shana, Zero no Tsukaima is highly recommended unless you’re an anti-ecchi. Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica Crimson S add permalink. Ayano and Louise have the same reaction the one with fire the other one with explosions. Natsuko Kuwatani as Maria. The two main characters share the same voice actors.

Both take place in a fantasy environment. Does two animes are to similar. Main heroine likes to beat his partner a lot. I listen to it even now. With comedy as the right-hand man. Despite both of them containing a fair amount of fan service, 3×3 Eyes takes itself way more serious. Both have the same leading pair of voice actors which most know.

One as a teacher and the other as the worst student’s pet, but both of them have chiii all along the way. Both have harem and the characters are stuck in another world.

Keiichiro Kawaguchi Series Composition: Also, both are romance, but a frustrating “love triangle” happens between the main male character, the main female character chiku a close friend of the male character. Views Features Reviews Columns.

Both of the tsundere are flat. But any way zero familiar has military too. Outbreak Company add permalink. The hottest character Gainax ever made has been Sayaka.

They are about enter in another world, have comedy, mystic stuff, also a little bit of ecchi. Technically there is a bit of a role reversal, but as far as how the characters interact, the roles are the same.

Zero no Tsukaima (The Familiar of Zero) – Recommendations –

Well, Zero no Tsukaima’s war comes later on. Both main female characters also have a similar personality. We all have probably seen that the main voice actors of the two epispde these shows are identical, but that shouldn’t deter you from this. I personally enjoyed Kyou Kara Maou much better, but both are good.


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Pandora Hearts add permalink. Gakuen Alice add permalink. I guess that the main diffrence between the two is that while ZnT is also a harem anime ahimefushigi slight ecchi moments nothing too perverted howeverTsukuyomi Moonphase focuses on one heroine only altough there are some other characters with slight feelings for the male lead, its not really at a harem anime level tough.

Last edited by New haven america on Sat Sep 14, 1: In both anime world it combines elements of the medieval building, the elements of modernity and magic.

Zero No Tsukaima, a male lead is teleported by the plot to this fantasy world, where he meets a horrible personality who kisses him out of the blue. Aoiro Savant to Zaregototsukai Kubikiri Cycle: Seto no Hanayome add permalink. If you liked Shana, you will like Zero no Tsukamia and vice versa. And both find trouble expressing their love for the male protagonist. A magic school with magical students of course. Both protagonist are sent to a different world and have to live there.

Well, that Shitsurakuen manga was an utter waste of my time. Basically, Toradora is Zero anlmefushigi Tsukaima but traditional Japanese animefishigi anime style. Talking sword, dealing with tsundere partner, etc.

Kokuhaku Jikkou Iinkai episodes http: Yes, there have been a lot of comparisons to the two, because they happen to have peisode main characters summoned to another world, but beyond that, they are two very different series. These two are ALOT alike.

There is something for everyone in each of these, and that goes without saying that the plots of each of these is SUPERB. While Yuuji on the other hand receives a more verbal one, Shana’s tendency to lash out urusai upon urusai.


This anime reminds you of Zero no Tsukaima. They’re splitting images of each other, if you look a little deeper. Both have the genre of magic, a very compelling atmosphere, and the use of Familiars. Zero no Tsukaima comedically exploits its more stereotypical characters like the female lead Louise, who is a true tsundere. But in Gate they have more military sense.

Mayo chiki!

They both come from a animefushiig place and can therefore teach the other person new things. Surgical Friends Ai Mai Mi: These two series brought me lot of joy to watch. Both shows have quite the same feelings and I loved both of them. Tadaima Anime Jan 17, Still if you enjoy small tsundere main characters such as Taiga from Toradora, then you’ll love Familiar of Zero.

Mayo Chiki! (TV)

Is This a Zombie? He has come back as a zombie in servitude to the cute necromancer who The protagonists in both Animes start out as mutual friends, but they eventually develop love for one another that is fully recognizable towards the end of both Animes.

These two anime are completely different in plot but in characters you can definitely see a similarity