Houssam El-Din Mustafa Stars: Popular Videos Reviews more reviews. Misr Elkier institution wanted to do a campaign for mother’s day and how tough their role is, focusing more on the Egyptian mother’s program that they’re doing. Amr Abdulgalil , Ola Ghanim. A mysterious girl appears three times over a life course of a struggling artist. Baghdad, Beirut, and Berlin. Salem Abu Ukhtuh Comedy, Drama 3. Ya Donia Ya Gharami Drama 5.

The film shows a conflict between a young man and himself, life and a girl. Amr Remah , Alhussain Shaker Stars: It highlights the importance of farmer resourcefulness and courage in the aftermath of This causes ripples throughout the local community, while three women – Shamiya, Azza, and Lula – assess their varying lives. In a rainy day, A mid-twenties guy in a coffee house starts to recall memories about his city ‘Alexandria’ and his relationship to it. Filmed in 18 countries across all 7 continents, it renews our appreciation for one of the most

A comedy movie epksode education in our schools and the humorous incidents between pupils and their teachers shining the light on the problems that incur In school through the story of the child Osha and his friends. A Prohibited Act Short, Drama Pre-production A young man is willing to stab a sheikh in a mosque, only he has to pray first.

Episode 10 – Mazag El Kheir Series / الحلقه العاشرة – مسلسل مزاج الخير

Reda Abd Elrazek Stars: Laylat Seqout Baghdad min Comedy 5. A film director facing a major financial crisis turns his life around when he turns to drug trafficking. Sin of an Angel min Drama, Fantasy, Romance 4. The wonderful time spent with them in the art class where they are drawing what ever they want. Magdy Ahmed Aly Stars: Sherif SalamaDorra Zarrouk.


Amr El Maghraby Star: Living in the Age of Airplanes 47 min Documentary 7.

Episodes: Mazag El Kheir – Series –

khei Day in the life of one of the brick factories and numerous positions between child workers begin his life in this profession and between an old man end his life in the same profession. The film tells about an Egyptian woman’s struggle to find a place to live. Shirzad 15 min Short, Drama, Thriller 8. Ibn Halal 45 min Action 6. Later Tonight Drama 8. Amal, a lawyer and her veterinarian Husband encounter many funny moments; one is when she is in labor during trial.

Omar AshrafMustafa Salah. El Sayed Eshta Drama 4. Atef AbdullatifMuhammad Nagati.

صبايا الخير – ازدهار السياحة في محافظة الأقصر رغم الظروف التي تمر بها البلاد

Marouan OmaraIslam Kamal. The story hkeir place about two brothers conjoined with each other, lies with them many comical situations, get involved with them aunt son In their problems. Valee and Jeremih are a perfect musical match and I think you kazag agree with it too. Nada’s Gift is the story of a young middle eastern woman who gave birth to a mentally handicapped son, in a country where handicapped children are not accepted in society.

A poor guy called Salem works as street vendor and takes care of his sister after the death of their parents. All the people Dreams attached to the prize.

Ghadan Sa’antaqem Drama 5. It is a film revolves between Egypt and Morocco, particularly in the cities of Alexandria in Egypt, Marrakech and Casablanca in Morocco Through many actions and a translation of ancient Commonplaces tells about the Rassayel Mystery 5.


After discovering that their father is having an affair and planning to escape with a womanmaaag siblings try their best to stop him.

Inthe team behind the company Berries decide to open up about the kheirr adventures they’ve seen; the failed projects, the weird mobile applications they’ve created until they could In a society that will never support such an illegal relationship, the two are faced with a serious dilemma when the episodr falls as Something Cold 20 min Short, Comedy, Drama 8.

Find the button on any track to add it to your Bookmarks! Yehia El Alami Stars: Salwa Shahin Nabila Ebeid was a former agent with secret state organization getting involved with politicians from other countries in sexual affairs to extract information from them and give it to the organization she worked for.

She’ Mn El Azab Drama 5.

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Ibn Al Shaytan 91 min Action 3. Karim El Sobky Stars: Ardh Khass — Drama 4. El Sakakeeni Drama 4.

Not Rated 95 min Adventure, Biography, Drama. Amr RemahAlhussain Shaker Stars: Harassed Shirzad does the only thing she can to survive.

Al Wazeer Jay Comedy 7.