MPC-HC works with a delay interval default: You can change the code page by clicking on “Default 1 ” on the above settings pages. You can do that through: If still you have trouble getting DirectVobSub to load for external subtitles, then you also need to change the preferred decoder. Media Player Classic can show you which filters are being used during playback. How can I adjust the subtitle delay for the internal subtitle renderer of Media Player Classic Homecinema? Update your graphics driver. Make sure you have enabled the DVD subtitles.

External subtitles are not loaded when playing. It gets placed in between the video decoder and the video renderer. Below you can find the settings for all three methods. Otherwise you might get double subtitles in some situations. That icon belongs to Haali Media Splitter. Usually that will be DirectVobSub, unless you explicitly configured ffdshow to handle the subtitles.

How can I hide the subtitles?

You can do that through: Is it possible to display the subtitles below the video? Below you can find the settings for direftvobsub three methods. You only need to configure the filter that is responsible for displaying the subtitles. How do I make the subtitles load and display automatically? Most people will only use WMP for playback, so this is not a big problem.

This may happen if the subtitle language requires a different code page than the language of your Windows locale settings. Media Foundation lacks native support for common subtitle formats.

The video renderer is then responsible for merging it with the video. Karaoke subtitles are displayed as static subs A: Banshee Miro Nightingale Songbird Zinf. This renderer works differently then DirectVobSub and ffdshow.


If you use a bit version of Windows, then we recommend to use the bit version of WMP which is actually also the default one in Windows and only disable Media Foundation for bit.

The system tray is located in the right bottom corner of your screen. Right-click on that icon to enable or disable the subtitles. Archived from the original on February 24, You also need to select a compatible video renderer.

Set “Sub pictures to buffer” to 4. Apart from stable releases as published, nightly builds are also publicly available. Classsic you do that, the subtitles will automatically be detected and displayed. Subtitles are not displayed playre Media Player Classic A: Windows Media Player shows no video when a playr file is present A: If no subtitles are displayed, even when you have enabled them, then try the following solutions:. If enabled, then by default it will only be active whenever ffdshow is used to decode the video.

MPC-BE stable release version 1.

Free DirectVobSub : Play movies with subtitles

Is it possible to make the subtitles less blurry when displayed in full screen? A disadvantage of the internal subtitle medis of MPC is that it only works with certain video renderers.

Right-click on the white LAV Splitter icon in the system tray right-bottom of your screen. If you want to use a specific delay value, then you could use set that value as the delay interval as a positive value!

Subtitles flicker in Media Player Classic A: Subtitles show weird symbols such as squares A: If you do not know which method you are using, then read the other FAQ topics on this page for more information about them. Each can display a different subtitle.


Media Player Classic

How can I configure DirectVobSub to load the subtitles but hide them by default? This is a performance issue and can be solved by disabling subtitle animation. Dirextvobsub are largely based on the same code, so they have similar abilities. Which methods are available for displaying subtitles? That way you won’t get double subtitles.

Usually that is one of these three methods: This will however result in a small increase in CPU usage. These black bars will also be visible when the video is not in fullscreen. To use the internal subtitle filter: Both offer the same options. You need to use the internal subtitle renderer of Media Player Classic. The internal subtitle renderer of MPC works differently from the other subtitle filters.

Just make sure your preferred decoder has the highest merit in case you have multiple compatible decoders. They are different from black bars that are only visible during fullscreen playback.

This is done by adding black bars to the top and bottom of the video. Gabest, the medi developer of the original version, stated in March that development of Media Player Classic is not dead but that he was unable cpassic work on it.