A Hard Jay’s Night Catch of the Day 4. Caught in the Act The Late Show 6. No Small Feet All Things Being Equal The Old Wagon 2.

Torn Between Two Lovers 5. Bad Hair Day The Old Wagon 2. Slow Down Your Neighbors Queer Eyes, Full Hearts 8. Stuck in a Moment The Day We Almost Died

The Wow Factor Up All Night The Musical Man The Big Guns Pig Moon Rising The Old Wagon 2.

Door to Door 5. Good Cop Bad Dog Diamond in the Rough Thunk in the Trunk A Hard Jay’s Night The Butler’s Escape 5.

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Queer Eyes, Full Hearts 8. Travels With Scout Heavy Is the Head Fight or Flight Ten Years Later 7. Kids These Days 9.

Spread Your Wings Clean for a Day The One That Got Away. My Funky Valentine A Sketchy Area 4.

The Day Alex Left for College 3. I Love a Parade 2. Planes, Train and Cars Send Out the Clowns Open House of Horrors 6.


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Bad Hair Day Stuck in a Moment The Last Walt When Good Kids Go Bad 3. Spanks for the Memories Phil On Wire 4. See You Next Fall