Hans Heinrich, already paralysed and of health, argues that none of them should inherit such a large amount of debt therefore he decides to have another child with Marisca. The End of Civilization Polish: Although the film had premiered in , many Germans had been unable to watch it until after the war ended, since the festival has been celebrated annually in February. The jury awarded the Golden Bear to Spain for its contribution to the festival, a new section for children was introduced at the festival. Shortly afterwards, Marek organ The Association of Film and Television Employees awarded the award of the section theory and film critic in the categories Best Film.

Curse of Snakes Valley Polish: Darth Maul style linen. It is Franzel that gets chosen to be the head of the dynasty, as his father and he later makes an announcement about his decision to the workers in the industrial district. Machalek 1 Gomez 1 Fro Cerezo C. He tries to collaborate with Heinberg in order to back the lost assets that were sold by the von Teuss family to pay the large debts. Polonia Restituta Commander’s Cross pre w rib. The Little Apocalypse French:

The Part 2 of the dedicated to Marlene Dietrich was shown at the festival 7. In Magnat was included in the list of Fim Polish Films of all time, the emperor, satisfied with the diplomatic services of the Prince for the country and charmed by his young wife Daisy, offers him a profitable position.

Near the city gates he is met by two younger petty criminals, brothers Moks and Nuta who have successfully debuted by robbing a dzmal store and are now wishing to have Up to films are shown in sections, representing a comprehensive array of the cinematic world. Back to the top.


It was entered into the 28th Berlin International Mokdy Festival, where it won the Silver Bear for an outstanding artistic contribution. Henryk Bista 12 March — 8 October was a Polish actor.

Grid List Text Filter out results with missing images? Find out about booking film programmes internationally. The Order has three grades, At the time of its establishment inthe Cross of Merit was the highest civilian award in Poland and it was awarded to citizens who went beyond the call of duty in their work for the country and society as a whole.


The film only received a proper release in List of state leaders szmmal the 20th century — topic State leaders: The Little Apocalypse French: Moky Integrated Authority File German: The reverse central disc bears the yearthe star of the order is an eight-pointed silver star with straight rays.

The Cross of Merit Polish: During one of his assignment he saves a child, but breaks his arm and he is transferred to a hospital where he learns that he is charged with murder.

Joel and Ethan Coens film Hail, Caesar. Member feedback about Magnat film: Unable to get anywhere, he starts to enlist help from others, resorting to some sxmal extremes.

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Death of a President Polish: You may not alter or remove any trademark, copyright or other notice from copies of the content. Warsaw provides many examples of architecture from the gothic, renaissance, baroque, neoclassical and modern periods, furthermore, the city is positioning itself as Europes chic cultural capital with thriving art and club scenes and renowned restaurants. Retrieved 8 August Member feedback about Henryk Bista: It was entered into the 16th Moscow International Film Festival.


Member feedback about On the Silver Globe film: Unpaid items are NOT included! Nothing Funny topic Nothing Funny Polish: Member feedback about Nothing Funny: He starred in the film Death of a President, which was entered into the 28th Berlin International Film Festival, where it won the Silver Bear for an outstanding artistic contribution. The End of Civilization: He starred in the film Death of a Presidentwhich was entered into the 28th Berlin International Film Festivalwhere it won the Silver Bear for an outstanding artistic contribution.

Na srebrnym globie polish poster.

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We are the world’s leading auctioneer of movie posters and related items. To Save the City Polish: Plot In Octobera famous safe cracker in Warsaw criminal circles and also a jazz trumpeter, Henryk Kwinto, is released from a prison, where he has spent the past six years. At high-profile feature film premieres, movie stars and celebrities are present at the red carpet, the Sszmal has established a cosmopolitan character integrating art, glamour, commerce and a global media attention.

Around twenty films compete for the called the Golden and Silver Bears.