Episode 6 by Helcat. Lee Minhyuk Supporting Cast. Kim Yoo Hyun Supporting Cast. Laya May 22, at 8: So Do-nam shares his hypothesis about Nana based upon what he previously overheard. Sorry for all the typos.

Things are better between Se-yi and her mother as she leaves with a bright smile on her face. On the whole, I didn’t really enjoy the music sequences, and it really hurt to see Nana getting rejected again. I am tuning into this! KC August 6, at 3: Both Sun-woo and Do-nam intervene and engage them in a fight. Thanks for the recap.

But before he can say another word, Nana suddenly fng out of the doors and into his arms. Monstar has ended and i am glad it ended when it did and in the manner it did. What a cliche move man!!! And I love that the show flipped the trope and had the strong silent pining-away one be a girl, and the Sun-woo crush was a way to actually see behind Nana’s badass facade.

Can it be a deranged trio? Yep, definitely a sasaeng fan. Both Sun-woo and Seol-chan spot the two hurriedly race off and follow behind in their respective cars.

And his voice is on par with Kang Ha Neul. Ah to be seventeen and young and brash and bold and uncertain and in love all over again. I clearly don’t recognise him when he’s not on stage rapping to a song The others joins them and Sun-woo deliberately walks in between them. Rashell August 5, at 8: You will receive a link to create a new password via email. Would you be able to post ep 12 song where Na Na sings with Seol Chan rapping intertwined?

I knew about the Quadratic formula song but refused to learn it cuz i didn’t think it sounded Her strong voice takes everyone by surprise, and she shoots Jae-rok a hateful glare as she sings. Thank you so much for the recap!! Ahn Nae Sang Main Cast. Eun-ha’s was really poignant in a way Didn’t like the programming bit for a goodddrama standoff that didn’t feel particularly like a standoff anyway – too much deux ex machina.


But I guess that’s the point of the open ended-ness of this drama! The group grows nervous with less than thirty minutes to spare before the competition. Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: It means fpisode if they do have a romance, it will be slowly and as equals.

Sure, I would have liked a bit more resolution on some aspects, but all in a monsta finale. I love how he just wears ALL his emotions on his sleeve – he doesn’t even know what they are, half the time, but we always do. They sing together as a collective voice, a band united as one. Anyway, Episide mostly use viki to watch my dramas. KompaktneHaare July 2, at 6: I was sorry that Nana never got to be just a teenager, but had to carry so much of weight from the adults in her world.

I forgot to add to my earlier comment that, in the end, when Sun Woo was trying on the jacket Nana goovdrama him, I thought that he started to accept Nana since the reason he hadn’t before may have been because he thought they were too different? Anyway, Nana saved him physically and the others including Do Nam later on. I totally thought he had a thing for her, but more I thought he wanted to beat Color Bar fair and square. Seolchan and Seyi, on the other hand, were in zub other’s face and arguing from episode 1.

Monstar Episode 2 [English Substitles] – Dailymotion Video

The original sounds country and western-like. At least Seyi was pretty sensitive about the whole treatment! I’m guessing maybe SW finally realized that he can give up his little boy crush on SY and move on and that maybe he can move on to someone who sees him who he can be and not what he is trying to be. Such a slap in the face for the bully. Gummi – Kamsahamnida for the file!!


I cringed my way through this scene. That gives the rift substance. I think I need to look up a good translation for the song “When love leaves” that SW sang in the courtyard with Nana because I totally thought that was his way of coping and grieving over the loss of Se Yi and not an intentional dig at Nana’s feelings for him. Haha despite liking Beast it took me a while to realise it was actually Jun Hyung in this show although I kept thinking he looked familiar for some strange reason No regrets, for realzies.

Monstar Episode 2 [English Substitles]

The orchestra drops out and a chorus chimes in to robustly round out the song in soft harmony. D I thought it was an indication that he’s now open to the possibility that maybe Nana would “suit” him.

Also that its fun and cute and light.

It’s been a while since I just ran into a drama I liked.