Luckily for me, I am not totally handicapped since I have learned editing in Poly before, so I kinda led the team. These are external links and will open in a new window. That means you have to, at least once in the course, design a newsletter, write a press release, shoot a short film, study media law, study the history of media and other not-so-fun stuff. While everyone was being super chatty in the first lecture of the semester, I was craving for sleep. So any MOE marketing collateral that you chance upon next year could possibly be designed by me. The individual presentation and written assignment account for a bulk of the final grade. What should I wear for the interview? All in all, the course was only enjoyable because of the group projects.

Even so, there are so many different voices singing at the same time so it can be difficult to identify your voice part unless you listen really closely to the person standing beside you and she may be wrong too lolol. Of course, the video cannot be broadcast or uploaded online due to obvious reasons. Politics Home Parliaments Brexit. I kinda dragged myself to school. My Father Tongue website. Being one who absolutely loathes written exams, I chose modules that are more project-based.

Like, finally some recognition in our work. I understand some students chose to go to JC due to financial difficulties since Poly fees are so expensive. The individual presentation and written assignment account for a bulk of the final grade.

As mentioned briefly earlier, there were 2 other professors giving lectures on certain weeks besides Dr George.

All in all, the course was only enjoyable because of the group projects. But sadly I still suck at handling cameras because I still got the over-exposed shit! Do share your joy with me if you succeed at your interview as well! Yes, poly takes a longer time to complete but why are you complaining? SFS was really kind to assist us if we needed any help.


Just show what you did during your 3-year course and if possible, select those that are closely related to CS e. Oh, and the conductor is not the professor teaching Voice in case anybody is wondering. Video ‘Marry me’ film trailer surprise at Merthyr Vue cinema A man asked his girlfriend to marry him by getting a cinema to screen his homemade proposal video during the trailers.

Proposal at Sentosa Beach Singapore

I dread the day I have to work full-time. And no, no deduction of marks or any form of penalty for late submission. Argh, how I wish I could accept more than one offer haha. Our very own groupfie. Being a Poly student really gives you an edge over JC students who will only know about these in Uni unless of course, you already have an interest in this area and have had hands-on experience.

For example, if you are a graduating student, you are guaranteed a slot. What can I say?

You can start working already! People late very anxious already, you still want to nag and affect their mooomedia even further omg. So I submitted mine like, 3 days before he had to submit all his collated marks to the office because I had 2 papers in one of the weeks?? If you had your interview before that, it should be faster. What he did was to go through the course overview frankly so honest that a student molmedia the room halfway and enrol students based on their year of study at the end of the briefing.

So going to JC never crossed my mind. But the guard who shouted at us probably saw how nervous we were and he tried to play nice prooosal.

Us preparing for our oral presentation. Let It Go was the most preferred option because it is the easiest song to sing of the lot but still has relatively high range of notes in the chorus and coda. We kinda set the benchmark for the attire because we were the only group that bothered to dress up.


Please direct all questions to the comments section below so that they will also be visible to other prospective students. Other marks come from term papers done as a group and the final paper. Luckily for me, despite the loss of time, I still managed to finish the paper on time.

Roy & Keline Proposal

I believe the interviewer typically a professor will be interested to read about your thoughts. Look at our tired faces. Update your report and appendices especially your bibliography as your campaign moomediz.

So guess who brought it home? This is a new course and I was in the pioneer batch and class size was really, really small barely meeting the minimum number to start a class probably due to a glitch on STARS planner. Check out the reviews on some of the best futsal shoes on NicerShoes.

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With exchange student, Cody, from Hong Kong. Propoasl so I got it, while other freshmen in the room left disappointedly. Most importantly, there is no written test for this course there used to be.

These are very good! Year 1 Semester 2 University Freshman: That was the second assessment by the way.

My instructor loved it and it even bagged an award LOL. Jump to media player Valentines day is traditionally noted as the most romantic day of the year, where many people exchange cards and omomedia gifts for their loved ones. I waited for close to 2 weeks but that was during the appeal period.