Iyad is a careless unemployed young man, sinking in the virtual world of the internet. She found him a man almost in her age seeking stability. Both want to keep their marriage. In the midst of this troubled family life, how is “Iyad”, the son? She had nothing but the hope of the return of her husband “Taim” to her and her children “Suheil” and “Nour”. This how man survives and makes his own balances to go on living, and so were Hisham and Haifa.

The children inherited their parents’ failure. But all this didn’t prevent Life River to flow. The latter put one condition to that: Because she had been raped by “Abu Ageinah” and his partner “Nazih”, Lama found herself pregnant and so she stabs herself to kill the embryo of that assault. Abu Salim is a professional soap maker. Al Maleka Seondeouk Al Azima. Al Hob Al Taeh. He listens to everyone, to their needs and requests, and becomes a judge for their cases and disputes.

This was Ridda’s first shock, them the war took place in Syria and this was the other shock for Ridda.

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Suha’s family had an anxious life because of the mother “Nadia” who is about to reach menopause with all its physiological and psychological changes over the woman’s body and mood. Lama’s pains never end here.

He moves and lives with the displaced people in the park and become one of them, though his inner self migration began long time ago before the outbreak of the war. All of them are heroes. Would Abu Iyad achieve his goal?

Abu Aziz buys a gun to defend his family from what seems to happen. Znoud Al Sit S1 Promo.


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This man wants nothing but returning to his destroyed house to set up a tent over it and live there. He faced Abu Al Shouq and become a thorn in his way, especially when the latter harassed Lama and kidnapped her epidode. She married Faisel who is twenty five years older than her, and above all he’s her friend’s father.

At the personal level, he faced a very strange situation: Hiba likes Rami and wants to be in love with him. He does relations over the internet and gets involved with a mosalsql woman exposing her body over the network sites which leads him to steal in order to keep communication with her.

Iyad is a careless unemployed young man, sinking in the virtual world of the internet. Ridda’s alcoholism makes him suspicious sometimes during the actions taking place mosalsa.

Um Aziz has to poison “Abu Al Shouq”; the evil character in the place, episodde has been pursuing Fedda for money in order to let her stay in the park. This failure in their marriage pushed Abu Iyad to divorce his wife three times.

Nizar do that task reluctantly and shyly. He used to live carelessly until he meets Najwa, Abu Salim’s daughter. Her problem episod being unable to have the treatment which is considered a merely luxury for a displaced woman by many.

lan atakhala abadan ep 45 HD 2M لن أتخلى أبدا الحلقة الخامسة والاربعين – video dailymotion

Because he divorced her three time, Kaouther had to be married to another man and being divorced again before remarrying Na’aim. Love’s details of this couple were affected by the war, as if war had been raised because of them.


Abu Salim is a professional soap maker. His enthusiasm caused him going to jail one day and being deprived of university exams the other day, but all that didn’t prevent him to continue what he had begun inside his homeland, away from militancy and extremism, rejecting all forms of violence.

All this was happening simultaneously with the park’s and daily life’s problems. He tries to take the chance of the absence of Abu Aziz to get closer to the latter’s wife.

Her husband went out to buy bread, and never came back. Lama is the one who was able to recreate positive energies and feeling mosalasl Ridda. His eldest son “Aziz” reaches the gun and by accident shot his brother “Karim” who dies immediately.

When our misery increases, our dreams become wider, our passion grows more and so do our feelings.


More or less, Ridda represents our conscience in his escape, inaction and revival. Suha is the most rational member in the family though she is the youngest.

But all this didn’t prevent Life River to flow. Her husband is struggling for a shelter and for a living day by day. In addition to that, he found “Um Bashira”; the old divorced woman whom he dreams to spent the rest of his life with, but this is completely impossible for both of them.