There’s an angry spirit that wants them out of this house. Countdown the top five best Mountain Monster encounters! The Ghost Brothers read tweets from fans. Bill the direction of that big sob,thinking he’d be safe but Bill plainly hollered for Buck and I believe he heard him. Archived from the original on June 23, If you’re inclined to take your monsters very seriously, perhaps you’d enjoy a different program instead. Retrieved 31 March

Available to watch on supported devices. I watch TV to relax, to listen to stories, to laugh, to cry and “Mountain Monsters” gives you all of that. I understand if it’s life or death! Get to Know Us. Sometimes I feel your show should be called Losing Bigfoot. This episode was made available on May 27, via the Destination America app – the first time a Mountain Monsters episode was available prior to its regularly scheduled airing. Please try again later.

If you like a bit of folklore and a lot of hijinks, give this series a watch. This Bigfoot is thought to possess mind control abilities. We’ll follow them as they meet other country folk to gain information more storytelling! Fiction” Tweet — via Twitter. They then meet with eyewitnesses who have encountered the creature, giving the team an idea of where to conduct an initial night investigation to find evidence of the creature being in the area.

The team suddenly realizes Trapper is missing and they set off to locate him in a race against time after finding a trail of his blood. It premiered on June 22,and began its fifth season on April 8, Now a group of expert hunters and trappers are using their backwoods knowledge to catch the Grassman and make Appalachia safe once again. These hunters aren’t out to kill but to capture to prove their existence and you really can’t do that if you just show off the natural landscape a lot because people will pinpoint with photos and possibly destroy more then you can think.


After being abducted, the AIMS team faces a mysterious man who offers them a deal with an incredible payoff. Discover the most terrifying monsters that appeared to the guys throughout the series Mountain Monsters.

Watch ‘Mountain Man Town’: After the AIMS team is split in half, Jeff must come up with answers about the Dark Forest; while the team gets proof of the Black Wolf, Huckleberry reveals that a mysterious creature is stalking the team and finds himself in a fight for his life. After nine months of silence, the Rogue Team emerges from the shadows after team member Buck tries to take matters into his own hands; the AIMS team meets face to face with this other mysterious team to find out who they are and what they are after.

Kentucky Hellhound of Pike County | Mountain Monsters

I watch lots of these types of shows and few come close to delivering what the goods consistently like “Mountain Monsters. Keep up the good work bud” Tweet — via Twitter. MountainMonsters” Tweet — via Twitter. Share your thoughts with other customers.

Mountain Monsters

Kentucky Hellhound of Pike County. She rull the sense that she’s not alone as she showers and there’s a message left behind as evidence. See the team react to Trapper pulling out his own tooth, Wild Bill getting his new truck, and Willy falling out of a tree! A Haunting in Georgia, Season 1.

This camera footage shows that there is no doubt in the existance of the Sheepsquatch.

Kentucky Hellhound of Pike County. Just because you live in one area for so many years doesn’t mean you know everything about it. This program is delightfully ridiculous.

This was the greatest show until it changed into a mystery about another rogue team. Evil Things Season 1. Putting a lifetime of training to the konsters, the AIMS team investigates, tracks, and attempts to trap these evasive creatures. Catch up monsers the best evidence presented throughout DA’s Mountain Monsters!


Retrieved 31 March And i wish they would monsetrs said what trapper found buried where those Midnight Whistlers were. Bloodless Howler of Harrison County.

Most Haunted Asylums, Part 1.

Mountain Monsters ᴴᴰ | S02E01 | Kentucky Hellhound of Pike County

The team meets with eyewitnesses and races to construct a giant bamboo box trap before the creature migrates for the winter. The team attempts to capture these creature with Hogzilla and three Monsterrs Dogs being their most recent trapped creatures.

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Death Cat of Cherokee County. The crew I kind of lost moyntain in show but I keep hoping they go back to original format. The Tennessee Wraith Chasers have investigated some truly terrifying places.

What can be said in only characters is almost as unbelievable as ghosts. Add Season to Watchlist.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The AIMS team learns that a mysterious creature known as the Black Wolf roams the Dark Forest; a shaman reveals that the Black Wolf’s presence may spell disaster for Jeff whose behavior continues to trouble the team.

The Hellhound Caught on Camera | Mountain Monsters

A Haunting in Connecticut, Season 1. Countdown the top five best Mountain Monster encounters! The AIMS team talks about chasing down the most bizzare monster heklhound have ever crossed paths with, the Sheepsquatch.