Also see pnm 5 , ppm 5 and pgm 5. A known bug with this filter is that the characteristics for the uppermost band are not completely symmetric if the sample rate is close to the center frequency of that band. Generally, this option should be avoided and crf should be used instead as crf will yield better visual results for the same size. Subtitle sync can be changed on the fly using “Y” and “G” keys. This filter is automatically enabled if necessary. This is the default if “D” is used to enable deinterlacing. The path must include the executable’s filename, i. Try ‘mplayer -vo aa -monitorpixelaspect 0.

When set to -1, a green rectangle is drawn on the screen to simplify finding the right x,y,w,h parameters. If you want to use the ivtc or detc filter on movies that are partly soft telecined, inserting this filter before them should make them more reliable. For optimal performance, this can be combined with ‘-lavdopts gray’. Use mode 1 or 2 with MEncoder. Lower values result in better fidelity, but higher bitrates. Must be a directory with Blu-ray structure. Disable accurate rounding default.

Not compatible with the frequency parameter. Maybe faster on some platforms.

Using sbtitles color space results in slightly under or over saturated and shifted colors. The number you specify subtitoes be the maximum level used. If you are using a different muxer, then you must use -delay instead. For details and our forum data attribution, retention and privacy policy, see here. The pullup filter is designed to be much more robust than detc or ivtc, by taking advantage of future context in making its decisions.

Filter will delay the top field. Unfortunately it has a great impact on bitrate and subtitlez the higher bitrate use will prevent it from giving a better image quality at a fixed bitrate. This has a significant effect on speed. The range controls how much of the image is cropped.


May need -noslices and the ati-hack suboption to work correctly. Currently subtitles are grayscale so this value is equivalent to the intensity of the color. If you do not specify any numbers for some input channels, 0 is assumed. Missing tiles are left blank. Spatial and temporal are approximately the same speed and PSNR, the choice between them depends on the video content.

The first pass may use either average bitrate or constant quantizer. If given, number in movie URL will be treated as channel position in channel list.

[MPlayer-dev-eng] [PATCH] CP1250 encoding to GUI and UTF-8 to font.desc

This may help processing of video where there is slight blurring between the fields, but may also cause there to be interlaced frames in the output. Positive values mean multiples of the default range. Use only every 4. If you need to reset your password, click here. So in principle you first have n numbers saying what to do with the first input channel, then n numbers that act on the second input channel etc. The horizontal and vertical deblocking filters share the difference and flatness values so you cannot set different horizontal and vertical thresholds.

Unlike normal OSD, libass uses fontconfig by default. Only works with the x11, xv, xmga, xvidix, directx video output drivers. Unlike the format filter, this will allow any colorspace except the one you specify. A value of -1 the default will not change the volume. For example, consider 3 consecutive B-frames: This will also store a fake DivX version in the file so the bug autodetection of some decoders might be confused.


Use automatic insertion of filters according to 2 above, but use floating point processing when possible. Filter selects among t and b modes on a frame by frame basis using field flags. Big normal diamonds are better quality than shape-adaptive diamonds. The volumes are printed in dB and compatible with the volume audio filter, they are always rounded towards -0dB.

Ubuntu Manpage: mplayer – movie player

This adjusts thresholds for the Cp250. All tuned settings are overridden by explicit user-settings. If unsure, enter anything and watch mplayer -v output for available languages.

This mode only exists for the documentation of the other options to refer to, but if you actually select it, the filter will faithfully do nothing ;- a Capture field order determined automatically by field flags, transfer opposite.

Use automatic insertion of filters according to 1 above, but use floating point processing when possible. Filter selects among t and b on a frame by frame basis by analyzing the images and selecting the alternative that produces best match between the fields.

This is effective in anime, but in live-action material the improvements usually drop off very rapidly above 6 or so reference frames.

Flatness threshold where lower values mean more deblocking default: Since the filtered frame is supposed to be used as reference for decoding dependent frames this has a worse effect on quality than not doing deblocking on e.