An Arthur Christmas adventure where Arthur focuses entirely too much on having a perfect Christmas. I watched this on YouTube yesterday and I enjoyed it for the most part despite the first and last musical numbers being somewhat forgettable and the story being predictable in places. Of course now my obsessions is turned into a “Like” on Facebook, I’m not shy to revisit Arthur on a pretty close day to day basis. Lists with This Book. He is devastated, and runs to hide in his room while everyone waits for him to open their presents, and D. He tells her not to worry, and she asks him to help write a letter to Santa. After they finish, D.

Muffy finally understands, and her and Francine are back on good terms again. Baxter, well, he wa First sentence: You are commenting using your Twitter account. When she runs to tell Dad,Fred leaves and Arthur goes in to pee. Francine gets eight presents — one for each night of the holiday. Overall,this is the best Christmas special ever! Francine says that it’s nice to feel like she is a part of something big. The message aimed to [

He starts singing a song about how great Christmas will be and we see a music video taking place in his imagination.

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Tries a Little Too Hard wannerfamily hotmail. Uncle Fred goes up to check on Arthur, and Arthur tells him what happened to the bird. I hahukkah read this during the holiday season so that all students would feel included. Also, this episode reveals that the the Brain is African American and epiosde Kwanza. PrincessByJesus 19 September That’s why at Hanukkah the Frenskys light a candleholder called a “hanukkiah” a special kind of menorah that holds eight candles plus one for lighting the rest.


When she runs to tell Dad,Fred leaves and Arthur goes in to pee.

The theme song for Tina the Talking Tabby,a toy that D. The reason why no other Christmas Special is better is because this is from one of the best shows ever.

Francine just wants to be heard–for a change. The writers really did a great job of tackling different holidays and teaching many lessons, but they never end up coming off as preachy.

This excellent story made for a memorable Christmas television movie. From Phony Fern Season 4, Episode Director Greg Bailey handles all of these stories in tandem, yet never steers toward information overload or cheap holiday sentiments. Dec 15, Leslie rated it it was ok Shelves: During Hanukkah, Francine likes to play dreidel, a game where kids spin a four-sided top.

It had a great message. Arthur just tells Francine to keep trying, and they head inside. Francine tells Muffy all about what Hanukkah is about and why it was more important to her than a Christmas party. Hanukkah is a Jewish celebration in honor of a victorious battle for religious freedom.

The book does include many scenes from the special, but it is a bit more concise in terms of story.


Arthur’s Perfect Christmas

Published first published He tells her not to worry, and she asks him to help write a letter to Santa. I’ve even made it part of my family’s Christmas Movie List.

Not only does the epiosde have realistic, educational elements but also some subtle toilet humour D. The story is of a little boy, Arthur, trying to buy each family member the perfect gift.

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Open Preview See a Problem? As I was hnukkah, I was wondering why, if Francine’s Hanukkah is so traditional and family oriented, the family’s highlight of the holiday is going to the movies? It is now Christmas morning, and D.

Learne are commenting using your WordPress. Marc Tolon Brown is perhaps best known for his series of children’s books about Arthur the aardvark, which was turned into an animated television show on PBS. From old episodes where there are several animation errors, and plot holes to the new cleaned up ones that have crystal clear HD and sound to them, I love Arthur.

Trivia About Arthur’s Perfect I had all the books out by age five, and read them countless times.