A team of organ donors and recipients will go head-to-spleen against a team of step recovering addicts. It’s the classic battle of falling stars versus souped-up cars. This episode features footage from the athletic special of Takeshi’s Castle , in the prize-giving ceremony. The script is completely unrelated to the original Japanese dialogue; Both Abeyta and Strawther’s original notes deliberately avoided any references to Japanese or Asian culture. Some of the monsters in this episode are from assorted incarnations of the Ultraman series. Cartoon Voice Actors”, aka “Network Boss”. Guy meets Doo-Doo the dodo, and talks about his own hand puppet obsession that nearly left him blind, while Suc de Solei presents “Swine Flu”. It’s a bombastic brawl pitting brilliance vs.

It’s the classic battle of the Wack Pack versus the Crack Pack. Ex-Child Actors May 11 – Washed-up child actors go head-to-head with the keen minds of the inventors on this show. It’s hot college girls against hot college gals; hot sorority sisters against hot sorority honeys. Guy has overextended himself to the mob and is shaken down by two grunts. Real Monsters take on Commercial Mascots. Guy prepares for a “formal affair”. Views Read Edit View history. Most Extreme Elimination Challenge — Volumes 4 and 5″.

Scroll below and you’ll find what you’re looking for. The classic battle of Still Life versus Whole Life. It’s Unemployment Lines and Over the Line-ers as the world’s worst jobs take on the people eliminatikns love to hate.

It’s a classic battle of rappers versus rippers. Also, Vic and Kenny get a visit from some truckers, and Ken practices his future work as a Justice of the Captain Tenneal gets a special visit from porn star Ivana Swallow. It’s Office Workers vs. Mascots” episode, and a special winter painfuul. It’s drunks, dopers, and donors! Guy prepares for a “formal affair”. Footage for Mud Butlers is reused in this episode. People with Hobbies take on The Food Service Industry in a battle that’s bound to whet a collector’s appetite.


It’s a dynamic dispute of the resourceful vs. Entrepreneurs take on The Hotel Industry. Cons Apr 27 – The good guys challenge the bad elimlnations in this battle. It’s a battle royale of bombs vs.

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There’s a murder at the MXC compound! Guy’s diving rod is pointing to the “not so paranormal” size. Some of the monsters in this episode are from assorted incarnations pwinful the Ultraman series. This is the only episode to use footage of the final battle in almost every episode of Takeshi’s Castlein the drive-by shooting.

MXC takes on the news, with Guy pledging to dig deeper as a reporter. Guy the ‘horrormonger’ is joined by Leo ‘Left Leg’ Lopez. Footage for Log Drop was not taken from the Takeshi’s Castle Returns special which made most of this episode’s footage.

In later seasons, with network encouragement, sexual puns and references took on a much larger role, to the dismay of some of the show’s producers who felt the cheap jokes led to its demise earlier than necessary. In season 5’s preview episode, it’s vaporizers and exercisers as celebrated Potheads take on the Fitness Industry.

Articles lacking sources from June All articles lacking sources. During the production of the show, the network bosses stated that they did not want the producers to repeat games from episode to episode, but the producers ignored this, knowing 1 they didn’t have the rights to enough episodes at the time to not repeat, but 2 some of the games seaso “Log Rollers” and “Sinkers or Floaters” to be interesting and funny every time. Plus, Vic gives Kenny advice on being a TV announcer.


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The classic battle of Law-Braking versus Bronc-Busting. This episode features footage from the athletic special of Takeshi’s Castlein the prize-giving ceremony. The classic battle of Crime Stoppers versus Zit-Poppers.

It’s dirty politics as usual at MXC! One of these was the s talk show spoof Night Stand with Dick Dietrick.

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The challenges are extremely hard, and a majority of the contestants fail to complete the challenges. All original audio was stripped from each show for legal reasons, and all audio was added by producer-writers and an audio technician, leaving none of the original audio from Takeshi’s Castle. It’s the classic battle of Scarface -rs versus the leather-and-lacers. It’s the classic battle between game junkies versus corporate flunkies.

Retrieved from ” https: MXC’ s early scripts spoofed pop cultureor mocked various celebrities, athletes, sports announcers, politicians, with the occasional sexual pun.

Guy salutes the debates by hosting a political fund raiser at the LeDouche compound, and is fed beans by a chef, while Vic and Kenny get involved in their own debate.

The classic battle of Deep Water versus Deep Pockets. It’s a tumultuous tussle of the unscripted vs.