Head to the Dollar Shop to pick up some snacks:. Boris and then you can head into the gym. After some dialogue with your parents, head to your room briefly before heading back to the living room. You choose if you want sexy time. You can either choose to stay with Armin, or to leave him. Episode 40 in a Nutshell 1.

Have a good night at Moondance. Boris and then you can head into the gym. Heading into the school or gym, you can find Lysander. You are really unbelievable, Amber. After some more dialogue, Peggy shows up and says Mr. I watched him leave… A strong sensation of powerlessness in the pit of my stomach. Have you ever tried one of these things?

Don’t mind me, I’m just a normal girl, obsessed with otome games, anime and KPop. A cartoon… – C.

Oh God, I Am Obsessed. ▣ My Candy Love: Episode 15 spoilers

Head to the Dollar Shop to pick up some snacks: Otherwise, you can only get up to two. What are you guys going to do? He looks happy to be here. What do you choose, Candy? I smiled back at him. What did you bring me? Thanks again for ketin. Well… I finally told Kentin I had a crush on him.

You get your date. I put my hands around his neck.


See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

You choose if you want sexy time. Make your way back to the gym for the final bits of dialogue of the episode. Just whoever you pick gets an LoM rise. I love this girl. No, not at all. You decide walkthrouugh get some fresh air after the conversation so make your way to the garden to find Kentin who flunked his exams.

You can do these in either order.

I wrapped my arms around his neck. Do you intend to go to the prom wearing sneakers? If you choose B: Head to the Dollar Shop to pick up some snacks:. Kemtin will continue updating until all choices and things are set, but hopefully this helps people out!

Nathaniel Walkthrough My Candy Love Episode 15 Commentary Part 1

Honestly, this new system is horrible. I slid my hand into his. To escape all of this…. In your dreams, Alexy. Uhh, do we know each other? No LoM drops are here. Is there a problem?

It will be a nice occasion to get to know Evan a little better. Simply go back and forth between the Cafe, Park Entrance, and Shops if needed. You could make an effort!

Girls, would you like to volunteer? In the end, I decided to ignore his text and not reply. After some talk with your boyfriend, you go to confront Peggy. Firefox does not remember it since the update. Your mom is nice!


Your family stories distracted me! What did you want to talk about? I so like them! You play as Debrah.

That means i cannot auto populate my email address box for logging in anymore. As a note, I have not had time to play every route myself just yet so some options may be translated versus the official translation due to my not having found them in English.

Click here for full navigation if you’re on mobile! I think I have to go home. An accident, I suppose. I looked at Nathaniel without knowing what to do.

And why not baking some crepes? If I were you, I would have fallen apart. You want us to walkthrougg you alone? Though, I generally try to keep things positive, if you don’t want to see negative discussion, feel free to block those tags!