Aunty was already preggers during the wedding. Un fortunately I’m not a noble idiot, so I’ve decided to keep him for myself. From Guam September 30, at 9: Thank you both so much for the fabulous recaps every week. Mi-ho broods, asking the chicken ajumma if people just live on happily after someone dies. Her tails really don’t appear.

What a roller coaster ride. End of Episode Episode 12 My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho: This drama is great. Hong Sisters, if you are going to break my heart with Episode 16 tomorrow.. She makes a break for it, running down the stairs, through the hall, and into the gymnasium. I think I re-watched that scene 5 times already! One month later, Dae-woong returns from China with the rest of the cast and crew, having completed the overseas shoot.

I just loved the way it was done. Besides, music and directing can move me too. Cute with skinny leg pants ; Can’t wait for next week. I did not know it’s immoral to comment on an actor’s work just because some people feel they have the right to insult others because of it. For a drama like this, not a fan of happy endings. Episode 3 by Regals. From Guam September 30, at 9: An actor who we can’t feel his character? She leaves him with a half-hearted death threat. I talked about the actor and it’s my honest opinion on his acting skills, as much as I like the guy himself.

Her reaction mixing worry with relief, Mi-ho makes up her mind, and starts walking toward him, meeting him halfway. We will miss you nomu nomu nomu much Hoi Couple! One of the greatest rides in my kdrama experience. He has his flaws, but in my opinion, he was really enjoyable to watch.

Now I’m anticipating the great fairy tale-like reunion of our lovebirds To her surprise, Dae-woong admits freely that Mi-ho is using him, and that he told her to do so. Why does Hong Sisters insist on Seung Gi taking this drama?


Thanks for the recap, both of you, JB and GF!! There’s one line that gives a hint. But whether she did come back or not, gmiho would have been great. Now Dong-joo reveals his motivation for trying to prevent Mi-ho from trodding down a path that, to him, is all to familiar:. I agree with everything Girlfriday just said, but still, I must offer a slightly different take on the ending and the drama as a whole.

Doesn’t the fact that the actor causes you to break out of the immersion you were in and realize you’re watching a series because of his performance, make him just not work for me?


But With an opening statement as calling someone a horrible actor might be too strong a statement especially just coming off a high from last nite finale yourself. I agreed recqp your post. DW is left sitting there all by himself, completely crushed, heartbroken, angry, and in tears… Wallowing reacp heartbreak, DW has flashbacks of his time spent with MH… Thinking of MH, DW curls up into a ball and wails in sadness… Next morning, DW wakes up in the gym where he was the night before.

Yesterday afternoon, it was raining in Houston with the sun shining brightly.

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I absolutely agree with you, javabeans. I think if she got pregnant she will have the human energy KI she needs to become human without dying.

Episode 6 My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho: DW is left sitting there all by episodw, completely crushed, heartbroken, angry, and in tears…. Thank you for making many days better ones! But watching this drama broke my heart.

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At that moment a truck comes towards him honking…. My only gripes with the finale were little things. Perhaps just ending it with the phone call or having a special sign between them like “whenever it rains, I’ll x of you” or something equally cheesy.


Hence the moniker Noble Idiot. DW decides to wait out the eclipse in his van and review his lines.

Dae-woong catches up to her there and demands to know her real reason for avoiding him, not believing any of her excuses. I was crying throughout the whole episode and I just loved it. Happy Together eppisode at Episode 15 My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho: Have not watched the episode yet but just too impatient to learn anything new…And rewarded with the great news!

Overall, it was still a great drama.

I think this is an example of when angst is done right I was actually moved by this episode. DW busts out of the van, running to anywhere, yelling si the phone asking where MH is. Some of his scenes were so wooden I thought I was watching Pinocchio not that the character was that compelling to begin with.

Director Ban sniffs at the os display of coupley affection, but Min-sook finds it sweet. Dae-woong shoots back that he knows what day it is, without Dong-joo having to come here to point it out. I had watched all in your list except the time between dog and wolf. If you show up to New York Comic Con with red dots on your cheeks, we would start an gilfriend of fried chicken and bubbly water in your honor.

Oh man I was crying like a baby at this episode.