Two thieves down on their luck get hired to steal the Rock of Lazarus, an ancient relic capable of returning evil souls to earth. Open Letters to Film You can’t spell fulfilment without film. Washed up writer gets somehow involved in a weird mystery and intrigue. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Miano is the star, and ably performs as a beat up, put down has-been who is thrust into a world that seems a perfect match for one of the scripts he was noted for writing in his past. They should have gone full blown meta and made the ending that YOU the viewer were watching ghosts. At least they paid me, though. Lavinia Peter Mark Richman

Aux aka Soldier of War The tale becomes ever twistier, with more and more conflicts between different versions of events. I liked the film it’s gone from 7 to 8 while I wrote this, and the cinematography, script, acting, are all top notch It will make you think, then it will make you wonder, “What the heck just happened? What keeps the film from a better score is a soundtrack that seemed perpetually off track. The editor of EQMM and guests blog about suspense, short stories, and the mystery-fiction scene. These events then provide inspiration for his screenplay.

Mysteria is a weird noir film that was a bit hard to follow. It moves at a snail’s pace and it dies a slow death.

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Book Jotter Reviews, news, features and all things books for passionate readers. There were some things that struck me funny. Perhaps the production company ran out of money when making Mysteria and left in the 90 minutes of content to recuperate some revenue.


Definitely looking this one up. Reality and fiction start to mix in his mind, and the surrounding events feed him inspiration for his script.

Oh they try to convince you that this old man who once could write movies might once again have skill. BUT The film is just, I dunno, not quite there. Was this review helpful to you? The Standoff at Sparrow Creek View All Audience Reviews.

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The re-awakening of a seductive female vampire and the struggle of a lone vampire hunter who must overcome his desire for her in order to destroy her. I was as confused at the end as I was at the beginning.

Wxplanation the TV off and stare at a blank screen. Though, for me there are not any unanswered questions and even if you can find the ending very simple you watch the movie without getting bored but with whole interest until the end. And then Aleister moves to answer it. Poor middle-class explannation man has to work in a cubicle instead of being super guy and making America great again while mom loses her superheroism and life outside the home without complaint.

The surrounding events feed him inspiration for his script. Maybe that’s what kept me from turning it off, because the story line is poorly written.


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You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Richard Mysteeria Please, step into my worlds. The best thing is the mmovie talents involved. Washed-up former Hollywood screen writing bigshot Aleister Bain Robert Miano is living a sad existence in a seedy apartment, trying desperately to finish a script he is months behind on before his agent Billy Zane cuts off his funding.

Once upon a time Aleister Bain Miano was one of the most sought-after scriptwriters in Hollywood. A once famous and now a washed-up Hollywood screenwriter fighting to explanatiln his latest script with an unrealistic deadline. These guys owed somebody a favor. The movie is about a Hollywood scenarist who want to complete his last script under deadline pressure and a murder investigation around him which inspires him for his script.

I want my money back. Danny Explanatoon plays a police detective and the story is told as a flashback as Glover investigates a murder. But no one seems to care. The tale becomes ever twistier, with more and more conflicts between different versions of events. I just wonder if Kuert offended somebody.

We watched this because Danny Glover is in it and the cover looked cool. It’s difficult to categorize Mysteria: