Someone who is shot and thrown backward a significant distance is a staple Hollywood visual effect. Was a battery able to be used for certain tasks in ancient times? Initially the team only intended to test the scenario of explosives being used to clean a relatively thin layer of concrete from the inside of a truck. Adam therefore suggested splitting this myth into two sub-myths, the original one of cleaning a thin layer out of a truck for which the team had to obtain a second truck , and another one involving a driver using explosives in what would presumably be a desperate attempt to remove a massive, solidified slab of concrete from the truck. Driving with the tailgate down actually increased drag on the pick-up and caused it to consume fuel faster than the identical truck driven with the tailgate up. Because Jamie succeeded in only one attempt, he is declared the winner.

Salsa Escape 23 Feb 7. It is possible to split an arrow perfectly down the middle with a second arrow like in the film The Adventures of Robin Hood. What’s the secret behind a perfect trebuchet? These competitions tested their ingenuity, constitution, and courage to see just how far they were willing to go to claim the title of “Ultimate MythBuster”. Jamie wants big boom, and he’ll get one with this booze driven myth! However, the trucks were slightly off line when they hit the car, pushing the Fiat out of the center of the wreck instead of crushing it altogether.

They activated the transmitter, which managed to interfere with a radio in the workshop, and left it running.

In addition, it was well documented that anyone suffering an abdominal gunshot wound was unlikely to survive. The brace position was actually designed by the airline industry to kill people, rather than save them, during an airplane crash to save money by paying off wrongful-death suits rather than continuous injury compensations. This page was last edited on 24 Decemberat For the MythBusters finale, Adam drives a truck through 14 years of props.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The force a shark can generate in a continuous pull is insufficient to keep the barrels under water for a significant amount of time.

Is it possible to slingshot a person over the border and onto a mattress? Can a vacuum cleaner be converted into a jet engine? The MythBusters test whether an exploding aluminum bumper could shoot off like a cannonball.


Dynamite/Cement Truck

In the “Shop Till You Drop” special, a large chunk of the barrel containing most of the concrete slab was shown in a junkyard. Because the myth dealt with the making of explosive and or dangerous materials, the ingredients used to make nitrous oxide and gun cotton were censored by substituting animal sounds for the actual chemicals.

For the MythBusters finale, Adam drives a truck through 14 years of props. A bullet that struck the groin of a soldier in the American Civil War led to the impregnation of a woman who was struck by the same bullet after it exited the soldier’s body.

The electricity shot truc the mouthpiece of the phone into Chip’s mouth, and it set off the gunpowder charge that Jamie taped to the phone receiver as a signal. Retrieved August 24, Views Read Edit View history.

Not enough gas is produced by the decomposing waste in the port-a-potty for it to possibly be flammable. Jamie wants big boom, and he’ll get one with this booze driven myth! Retrieved January 24, There was no real difference in the number of bacteria collected from two-second exposure compared to six-second exposure.

Cemnet television season articles that use the season name parameter Commons category link is on Wikidata Commons category link is mytbhusters Wikidata using P This became the longest MythBusters experiment on record—over six months long. See also Exploding Toilet. The trucks did not fuse together, but became instead a huge mass of wreckage.

The sample collected from Adam’s mouth had much more bacterial growth than the sample collected from Lulu the dog. Edit Cast Episode credited cast: Using similar tests to those used to test steel-toe boot certification, Adam and Explision determine that one’s toes are much safer with steel toe boots than without. Watch in slow motion what happens when the MythBusters test whether a snowplow, hit head-on, will split a vehicle in two. Kari was able to hear Jamie and Tory’s digging in an epiisode mine shaft in two of the three tests.


When the tank was punctured by a bullet, it simply decompressed quickly, causing it to fly around like a compressed-air rocket. An ignition is very improbable. This was revisited in Myths Redux. Ancient Chinese warriors explosipn wore armor made from paper? After failing to create sparks when firing real bullets, the build team created sparking “bullets” out of paintballs filled with crushed sparklers.

Salsa Escape

While exploion rolling stone can pick up or gather moss when rolled down a hill, that moss cannot grow on the rock as it is rolling, which — for the purposes of this myth — is considered more pertinent.

Connections Featured in MythBusters: Who will throw up first? Following the verdict, Adam requested “No more oogie boogie myths.

The arm bands were completely ineffective for both Adam and Grant. A powder charge equivalent to 1. While the ancient batteries were not used on the recreation Ark of the Covenant due to their weak charge about a third of a volt each, or almost 4 volts for a set of 10Adam theorized that, if any charge were felt with the batteries, the ancient people would believe it to be of divine origin due to their lack of knowledge about electricity.

Kari survived her aluminum paint session just like Jamie and Adam survived their gold paint sessions when testing the Goldfinger myth.

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In an extensive and highly objective test, the toast showed no statistical preference for landing buttered-side down or up when dropped. However, the trucks were slightly off line when they hit the car, pushing the Fiat out of mythhusters center of the wreck instead of crushing it altogether.

Instead of the batteries, the Build Team wired the ark to the electric source used in the ” Peeing on the Electric Fence ” myth something Adam suspected all alongsurprising him with a nasty shock.