A week later, boatmen fished his body out from the Jhelum river near the Amira Kadal. It even became a bar for some time. And cinemas had become detention centres cum torture centres. There was no second day. How different voting systems work around the world Nearly two billion voters in 52 countries around the world will head to the polls this year to elect their leaders. Connect with us on Facebook.

Drop photos of naaz cinema sarai bala here. Restaurants around naaz cinema sarai bala. Speaking at the event, the then-Jammu and Kashmir minister Naeem Akhtar had assured of government support in reviving the closed theatres. Bashir Ahmad Shah, 50, had worked for more than 20 years in Nishat talkies in Anantnag as an operator. But if we can’t have a cinema where Bollywood [the Hindi film industry] or Hollywood films are showcased, our younger generation deserves at least a regional cinema where we can tell our own stories,” Khan told Al Jazeera. The entrance location and entrance gate of naaz cinema sarai bala is easy to find once you are able to get to its local address and exact place. Before the day ends, the schools and colleges are closing for the weekend.

Srinagar, India-administered Kashmir – A few yards away from Srinagar city’s famous clock tower in India-administered Kashmir are the ruins of Palladium, once a famous film theatre. Chennai to Madurai Flights. No need to seek permission explicitly. Another theatre named “Khayyam” has been turned into a hospital. Now, they are a symbol of nostalgia. Shah, whose colleagues are no longer alive, says that if at all cinemas reopen, he would “love to work again”.

Chennai to Dubai Flights. Russian-Saudi relations could be very different today, if Stalin hadn’t killed the Soviet ambassador to Saudi Arabia.

Delhi to Hyderabad Flights. The prolonged conflict changed everything. The late night movies would end at the stroke of midnight when the tea stalls in front of the hall would be hot and ready. Delhi to Dubai Flights.


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While some saw no hope in its revival and moved on to other businesses, many were left fighting for survival. The screening was a remainder of happier times when cinema lovers in valley used to watch movies freely in cinemas. I talked to some students and one of the filmmakers during the festival tried to know their perspective on lost culture of watching movies in valley cinemas.

His posters were purchased and torched. There were no cinemas in any other town. The absent cinema culture in Kashmir has resulted in a generation deprived of the pleasure of watching a film on the big screen.

But, in case of commercial use, do seek a permission first. Delhi to Dubai Flights. Presently, some of the cinema houses in Srinagar are in abandoned condition and some others are functioning for different business activities like hotels and hospitals. Then, what is the fun of closing cinemas. The Regal cinema reopened in The lights go off, the projector whirls and a strong beam of light formed images on a silver screen, there was a standing ovation from the school children who were eagerly waiting for the show to start as it was their first experience to watch a movie on a bigger screen in Kashmir owing to closure of cinema halls for last 28 years.

Four to five shows happened in a day. I found these names in an old Tribune article. Places to visit around naaz cinema sarai bala. About twenty films were screened during the festival.

Kashmir loses its cinema halls to prolonged conflict

Like Neelam, Sheraz cinema in downtown Srinagar was also occupied by Indian security forces after it was closed in the early s. Indeed, the screening of films srinaga the KWFF brought cheers on the faces of valley film lovers. They wanted reopening of the cinema halls in Srinagar city to restore film culture in valley.


Civilians also used to go to watch movies there. The offices are emptying.

Stalled Show: How Kashmir’s cinema halls became torture centers | Free Press Kashmir

The Actors Creative Group, a non-profit organisation is making repeated attempts in this connection and with the result organised its second edition of Kashmir World Film Festival within a period of six months. Hotels around naaz cinema sarai bala.

Mobile phones or laptops have come as a blessing, allowing us to naax good quality movies, although pirated,” he told Al Jazeera. People had stopped stepping out of their homes after twilight. Pune to Chennai Flights.

Restaurants around naaz cinema sarai bala. The nights were bustling with tea stalls and snack counters.

Kashmir loses its cinema halls to prolonged conflict | Kashmir | Al Jazeera

Please write a review and help more travellers Title of your review. That desolate look is the tale of Kashmir’s film theatres, which closed down after an armed rebellion against India’s rule in the region began in the late s.

Also you are free to re-use it for non-commercial purposes provided you let others use your work for free non-commercial purposes. Bollywood movies, old and new, were played.

naaz cinema sarai bala

If you ask people in their 40s and 50s, they would reminisce what thrill watching a late night movie brought to them. We desire to produce and direct films particularly in local languages. Bangalore to Hyderabad Flights.