Spice and wolf 9. Totoro because he is the God of Death and he take the lives the 2 kids and the mom. I loved this anime so much like the plot was nice although confusing at times, characters were entertaining, the visuals were interesting and vivid and the soundtrack was really good. Ok so the story of Kyousougiga is similar to Alice in Wonderland, but obviously with it’s own “anime” twist. Saikano no one watch this?!?! To me, it was such a […] puttenuttenAngelBeats02AngelBeats You never know what’s going to happen. And not at least Elfen lied This post has been edited by kcchong

It bothered me immensely. There, she meets the young and shy Alice. So if you like supernatural anime, moe, action, or if you are just a fan of KyoAni, I highly recommend Kyoukai No Kanata. This anime was really cool! That’s why she worked at the cityoffice to find information about the cityoffice employee who assisted her parents in filing her birth registration. I am not a picky person. This one more to horror leh.. I can’t say how because it would be a major spoiler.

So, this is another one of those “plotless” anime full of moe.

Having the opportunity to reach out to others and see […]. Show posts by this member only Post 2. I loved this anime so much like the plot was nice although confusing at times, characters were entertaining, the visuals were interesting and vivid and the soundtrack was really good. Ok so I’m thinking about asukaar another Top 10 because I sort of have writers block with my Rants and Reviews.


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Jetzt hier ist ein Sieg. And their day to day life starting from the beginning of the first year of Highschool, to the end of the first year of Highschool.


One day, her normal visit to the danger zone, she encounter a bat man. I agree with your list Except Boku. Ich liebe diesen Anime einfach Akihito episodw not dying. I like how when after tsumugu raises his hand, Manaka then raises hers which causes Hikari to raise his.

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Eoisode posts by this member only Post 3. As usual, I will write a handful of posts listing anime of Now and Then, Here and There.

Guy got eye power thaf can control people fo commit suicide and the girl have the eyes that can dispose any ninjitsu? Let me tell you why.

Epiisode posts by this member only Post 7. Your lie In April 9. Just Saki and Kanaka. Tag Cloud anime anime anime anime Angel Beats! I love Revvy shes so kick ass. Browse the Latest Snapshot. This scene in particular was gold samuraiflamenco flamencogirls anime anime – 3 years ago. Koto and her brothers, A and Un are stuck in a strange city causing massive mayhem through the land called Kyoto but not the Kyoto they are from.

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What would happens next? When squidward masuk hospital Pasal ate too many craby pattys. There are other background characters though, including the flirtatious teacher who looks like a Highschool student, Kanaka’s brother, and the incredibly studious girl in Kanaka, Saki, and Yukon’s class.


Anime Expo coverage and photos July 9, by Yumeka 20 Comments. Youmus are similar to “demons” or “monsters” in the Kyoukai No Kanata world.

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The action scenes are fantastic and mystifying, the animation flawless Fruits basket, the best emotional anime i’ve ever watch. There are no mentions of crabs OR Steve Jobs in the anime Adapted by studio Shaft from the manga sharing the same name, it was a harem anime in the purest of senses.

Instead, I’ll do a little “Last Episode Discussions” post for all the people who watched this lovely series with me.

And the best part? Based on the horror manga with the same name, Pupa tells the story about two orphaned siblings who only have each other to rely on after severe domestic violence. It isn’t all that exciting, but it is, as I said cute, and the characters are fun.

Share on Track this topic Print this topic. Only to have her impale him with her sword. I liked how it was pretty carefree and not too serious, but was still able to keep me captivated by at amusing dialogue and scenes!!!! The previous season will sink into oblivion while […] puttenuttenSuperSonico.