I was looking to get from the conversation that he was gonna be a good custodian to the kids. His wife, Hayley, and the two kids had moved out that Friday—forced to leave after Andrew stopped paying rent. Hong Kong reporter Albert Wong says the colleague thought Rob sounded as though he were on another planet. And early grave and lifetime stay behind bars, at the Hong Kong Women’s Prison, for all their troubles. It chronicles the lives and murders of brothers Robert and Andrew Kissel. Kissel for the keys. I think it lasted maybe a year and a half. Joss Gistren, fellow ex-pat:

The film starts with the murder of narrator Andrew Kissel John Stamos , and is told through a series of flashbacks and documentary interviews, telling the story of how embezzling real estate mogul Andrew and his younger Wall Street broker brother, Robert Anson Mount meet their untimely ends. Nancy Kissel, fashionable wife of an ex-pat millionaire banker charged with his murder. That was a complete blur. Joss Gistren, fellow Hong Kong ex-pat: The male came out of the house, got in his van, and drove off. By creating an account, you agree to the Privacy Policy and the Terms and Policies , and to receive email from Rotten Tomatoes and Fandango. He says the transformation of stylish Nancy Kissel was astonishing. NBC’s Chris Hansen reports.

Most active discussions votes comments. The two hour film which is really only 90 minutes plus a few couldn’t unfold the events that led to the downfalls of both Kissel brothers.

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In the backseat of chauffeured limos and over cappuccinos, the expat community savored each new morsel of the investigation. I felt sorry for both Nancy and Andrew who longed for happiness, love, and acceptance. Two New Jersey brothers Andrew and his kid brother Move riding bikes, playing touch football till it got dark. It depends whom you ask. Just leave us a message here and we will work on getting you verified.


He he took in my statement. The two men compete for the affection of their disapproving father, and try to one-up each other with Robert marrying social climber Nancy Robin Tunney and having three children, iissel Andrew marries TV news analyst Haley Gretchen Egolf.

In the meantime, he was home under house arrest, ticking off the days, watching TV with an ankle bracelet. You do of course, accept you killed your husband?

As a fellow boardmember, though, Chamberlain could eyeball some of the books. This bit is somewhat correct there are also Chinese lawyers. He was a great salesman. Mrs Kissel wrapped his body in a sleeping bag and plastic film before rolling it up in a carpet.

Not only did the film crew not even bother to visit Hong Kong stock footage was apparently used they didn’t research what it is like to live in Hong Kong either. Shea called Rob in Hong Lifetimr to report what they were seeing in real time. He says Kissel may have loved his own children—two daughters—enough to pull off one last con—against the insurance company. But as the investigation gets under way, it appears that nzncy only remaining suspect is the Robert Kissel Gretchen Egolf It was so important that a colleague phoned him to talk about strategy for the meeting.

By this point, he was ensconced in a ritzy, Greenwich, Connecticut mansion, its impeccable facade hiding the sins within. The producers and the writer work around this by calling the movie a docudrama, which means as long as it has some truth to it, then that’s okay but some details were basically mis-represented in any event.


But the Bank of China deal was fast approaching at the worst of times for Robert Kissel. According to Nancy, both brothers were on Cocaine. He wanted the confirmation. The prosecution outlining the case against Nancy Kissel in classic strokes: Although the story is based on an actual events and court records of the two rich and famous brothers respective demise Mrs.

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Liz Lacause says her friend was crying out for help—finding some temporary solace with a lover in Vermont. No criminal mastermind Nancy, using at her trail a combination insanity and memory loss defense, was soon arrested and convicted in Bob’s murder and given a life sentence without parole. The Kissel brothers were wealthy and seemingly successful young men – Kissell was a brilliant businessman whose career had an upward trajectory.

Stamos and Tunney earned their fates. It was her chance to actually tell what she felt had happened. There is no graffiti in Hong Kong cells – they are closer in comfort and design to Marine Corps boot camp blocks than anything else.

The script was ridiculous, the acting flat and the direction useless.