Do not be afraid. She is an expert in dancing K Biru nari dikit Ibuande: What do you looking for? But, I forget all the things about myself. We want to go to the Dadapan Village!! All homework that I do all alone.

But when yuyukangkang started approaching klentingKuning, she immediately took a stick, given by the fairy, then directly poked it to yuyukangkang. A few minutes later, Sekartaji conscioused … Sekartaji: Are you Panji Asmarabangun? And the fact is I was the prince of the kingdom Jenggal a, raden panji asmarabangun. A ccording to the story , both of the kingdoms were in a region called Kahuripan. K Kuning, go get household needs!

We’ve been around the whole Village. This home is not bona fide, I beg of you make me as a sister.

Suddenly mbok rondo and her daughters came close to them. If you are paired, you certainly will meet with princess crown.

The most important thing is that she would like to become our servant and she will help all of our homework.

Boncel then continued the announcement. She is my fiance who had long disappeared. I heard that your son was looking for a girl?

Ande Ande Lumut

Yours is still fine i think. See me, beautiful, right? Not sincere tone can you help me? Moreover, this contest is open for all girls over the village. Newer Post Older Post Home.



Can i get one too? She intended to find Raden Panji. Disgusted with Yuyu Kang -kang Yuyu Kang-kang: However, he was very sad because his wife had left the palace. Finally, Klenting Merah and her sisters accepted the terms Yuyu Kangkang gave.

Then, the mistress of Kediri Kingdom kidnapped the princess of Jenggala, named by princess of Sekartaji and put curses on her.

Ande-ande lumut asked his Mbok Rondo selfie being nadkah and being in social media to Update status. Arriving there, yuyukangkang do not forget to ask their promise kissing their hand, klenting red and klenting blue.

My prince disguised as a commoner I look for the crown princess. Can you help me? Listen to music Javanese music Narrator: Surprisingly, the crane was able to speak like a human and her legs gripping a whip.

They were confused, because they had to cross the river which was deep and wide, while none of the boat that looked near the river. Kleting Kuning sebenarnya adalah anak angkat, yaitu putri dari Kerajaan Jenggala, yang kelak dikenal sebagai Dewi Candrakirana. Klenting Kuning had no time to say anything the crane flied into andea-nde sky and disappeared. But when yuyukangkang started approaching klentingKuning, she immediately took a stick, given by the fairy, then directly poked it to yuyukangkang.


I’m confused, please one by one. Klenting Abang, here it is. Your doughtersare so beautiful. And I will give you this? Nasjah came to the public places. Dari Wikipedia bahasa Indonesia, ensiklopedia bebas. If he is still alive, please meet me with him, God! I wish I could help you. Raden Panji very disappointed.

My partner, let us go across to the Village. Without any further due, Klenting Kuning soon back into the house and getting ready to go to Dadapan Village. Demikian pula di majalah-majalah kisah ini ditulis ulang.

Click here to sign up. Please you walk straight. There is no flaw with them, they are beautiful and deserve become your princess. Where are we anyway? Our house is narrow, if nahasa lives here, where will we sleep!! And, on my right is K Biru.

Approaching Klenting Kuning Ishhh!

Then why are you here? Where is the boat. I am the most beautiful and wonder why should her?