Use the following questions to help you retell. Mohammad Hatta , Mr. Has there been an announcement regarding ticket sale? The wind can blow your boat. Work in pairs Students A and B to discuss the text structure, and then share this with the class. It has been hidden there for my surprise birthday party.

Kementerian Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan Kontributor Naskah: Discuss the meaning with your classmate. Who were involved in the event? His ideas were seconded by Soepomo , who proposed different names for these institutions. Come to my room. She told me that you sent her an email telling her that you would like to have more pen pals from the US. But I have to meet him to offer him, to for give my father. Possessive adjectives are used with nouns.

I will tell you the time on Friday. They live in other countries, so she never meets them.

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Oh, would you like to join me to learn baking cookies? Si Singamangaraja XII was the last in a line of figures known as parmalim religious leaders [6] who were regarded as divine kings and incarnations of Batara Guru, the Javanese version of the god Shiva.

Mas Besar Mertokusumo Mr. You look gorgeous in this wedding dress! VoCabuLarY buiLder match the words with their indonesian equivalents. The wind that blow the falling water and the splash produce millions disn tiny droplets of water.


Complete the blanks in the following dialogs using the words in the box. Sabariah never gets tired of giving him advice every time pajlawan makes problem.

What a nice new hair style! Dokumen Kemdikbud Picture 9. What do the expressions mean? He was a pioneer in that art form. The tours start from downtown, next to the entrance to the Rainbow Bridge, and open from 9am to dusk when weather permits. What animals does she have? Does your essay include a concluding paragraph?

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Hyak Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan Kontributor Naskah: That word is the odd word the odd man. Read the answer of number 1 as an example. Comprehension questions Answer the following questions briely. As an example see number 1. Did you meet her directly?

Sisingamangaraja XII

Camp Leaky is paragraph that where we can see describes the subject orangutans. Vrama like to have many pen pals. Kementerian Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan, Anyway, how did you meet other fans? Do you know how to write an announcement? Draw a diagram that shows chronologically the events that led to the battle 5.

Check your answer with your friends. The irst amazing natural charm to enjoy is the huge greenish rock. Although they were not personally anti-Christian, the two Sisingamangarajas faced pressure to act from traditional list Batak chiefs and the neighbouring Sultanate of Acehwhich was at war with the Dutch from You plan with your classmates to visit her this afternoon.


Does the writer use correct grammar in all of her sentences? I am very happy for you, Alif. Oesman had five wives with whom he had sixteen children, including Mohammad Yaman Rajo Endah, the eldest, an educator; Achmad Djamaluddin, a journalist, who later in life added to his name his nom de plumeAdinegoro; and Ramana Oesman —a pioneer of the Indonesian diplomatic corps.

Take turns using the questions above to talk about and listen to things you would do if you met Afgan, or if you yourself were Afgan.

Mohammad Yamin August 24, — October 17, was an Indonesian poet, politician and national hero who played a key role in the writing of the country’s constitution. Each communicative sentence will get Can you write a nya, Bahasa Inggris — Studi dan Pengajaran I. People may access the tour via the Observation Tower elevator at Prospect Point in the state park.

Why do think so? Let me see the contents. Have a nice day! Utami Widiati, Zuliati Rohmah, dan Furaidah.