A taxi pulls up outside of the Lassiters complex and Terese Willis gets out, looking at her surroundings. Yes No Report this. Full Cast and Crew. On cue, Lauren arrives and the two women soon realise they both have teenagers at home. Lucas denies this and tells Sonya that Steph is just being a mate. Steph agrees and confirms that she is also having regular counselling sessions too.

Stephanie Scully Rebekah Elmaloglou Amber suggests he just leaves it and forgets about him, but Chris is keen to get an explanation. Number 30 Sonya is concerned about how Steph is manipulating Lucas and forcing him and Vanessa apart. Seamus gets up to leave the table; he tells Amber he expects her to be gone when he gets back. Lucas admits he is too, but insists he hasn’t done anything wrong. It’s why her parole was knocked back the first time.

Toadie tells her yes, however he thinks Steph is scared to even hope for that.

Audible Download Audio Books. Amber assumed he taking a break from guys for a while, but Chris feels it’s right and heads off for a run, leaving Amber downhearted.

She seems to have the measure of Paul so far although he’s clearly hoping her husband’s history with Lauren will cause ructions. He also points over to number 28, e;isode her it’s where Brad used to live, and he asks if Brad’s told episove much about his time on Ramsay Street. Shane or whatever his name is?

He thanks her for keeping him in the loop and heads out to sort some laundry. At this point, Sonya walks in. Lucas spends time with Stephanie now Vanessa moves out.

Terese goes outside to get a table, and to phone home, and as she’s walking out, she bumps into Steph. Written by KGF Vissers.

Home and Away 6642 20th April 2017

Search for ” Episode 1. Paul grudgingly recruits formal local Terese Willis as hotel manager, so she’s expected to move back. Amber explains to Chris she was only checking him out because she was worried about him – she thinks she can find him a much better guy. Charlie’s Bar Chris and his date arrive at the bar, only Chris has verbal diarrhoea and is talking nonsense; something about shirts and fashion.


Karl Kennedy Ryan Moloney Lauren then goes home, and Paul tells Terese that Lauren’s married to the local cop. Seamus tells Chris to relax and mentions he is nervous too. Amber suggests he just leaves it and forgets about him, but Chris is keen to get an explanation. Now that she’s out she’s got a chance of getting access, but admits Steph is probably too scared to do anything further. Vanessa phones but things are rather tense, especially when Lucas refuses to apologise and claims she is the one who overreacted; he is quickly cut off.

Stephanie Scully Rebekah Elmaloglou Chris and Amber kiss Paul tells Terese that today is about showing her around, seeing what she can offer the hotel. Steph claims she can’t put Charlie through the pain of a court case again and is insistent that he leaves the subject alone. She turned the place upside down and then the next thing she remembers was waking up in hospital, restrained. He insists that he just wants to help her, and they go inside the house.

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Sonya points out that the timing doesn’t look good, but he is adamant Steph is not the problem and is just being a mate, which is what he needs right now.

Terese, straight to the point, asks Paul if that is his polite way of finding out her feelings on Beth – she insists that they’re on good terms. Meanwhile, we get some more insight into Steph’s recent eposode although if this is what she’s like when she’s on medication then either epixode manipulative even without the mental illness or it’s not doing her much good.

Number 28 Steph explains when Max got custody of Charlie, he brought him into the jail to say goodbye.


Home and Away 20th April – video dailymotion

It’s why her parole was knocked back the first time. Steph thanks Karl – he leaves to go and put the washing on and Steph looks at her medication, then walks over and puts them in the bin.

It turns out Seamus isn’t interested in a serious relationship and is just looking to episoxe some episkde. He shakes her hand but she doesn’t look overjoyed as he would’ve expected. Toadie agrees, but he’s friends with all of them and doesn’t want to see any of them get hurt. After they left, she lost it and turned her room upside down. Toadie reminds Steph that Max will remember what a great mum she was. Lucas explains to Sonya that Steph is not a problem; Lucas then proceeds to get up and leave.

Back on Ramsay Street, Chris is preparing for a run; Elisode sees him and goes across. Enjoy a night in with these popular movies available to stream now with Prime Video.

Lucas decides to focus on what he wants, and he takes some food and puts on some music. Lucas is impressed as Steph talks about her plans to attend the vintage epidode festival and see the eclipse. Amber is not impressed and Chris starts to get suss.

Chris heads off for his run, whilst Amber looks unconvinced. Later Steph fills Karl in on the details, including the medication she’s on. They start walking towards the hotel, and Terese tells Paul elisode her boss is on board with the transfer. Harold’s Store Steph tells Lucas about a local brewery she’s found He is curious to find out ore but she won’t let on the details before heading off.