The guy’s got rights. If he reports you for assault, that’s your good behaviour bond gone, and you could be looking at jail. Toadie says he can’t represent him, as he represented Mason. Georgia arrives and asks Kate if she forgot about their plans which she obviously had. Georgia offers to come with her to get it checked out, but Kate says she’ll go alone. Matt says he’s a criminal who’s on bail, so his hands are tied. Charlie’s Kyle joins Georgia, saying she looks hot. Gym Josh is lifting weights.

Brad stops him, and asks about Amber. Because if you think there is anything I wouldn’t do to protect my family, you’re even more stupid than you look. She wants to deal with it alone. Michael Fardon Kip Gamblin Kyle suggests another test, but Kate’s already done that: Whenever I think I can run away from my stupid mistake, it just keeps coming back to bite me. He says he wouldn’t dob in a mate. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title?

He’s looking for Toadie. Robbo Slade James Mason Full Cast and Crew. Well, if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go and release my inner Jane Fonda. Kate is upset, and says she doesn’t want to lost him.

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Matt walks up to him and asks him again, and Robbo says he’ll find out soon. Whenever I think I can run away from my stupid mistake, it just keeps coming back to bite me.


Neighbours Episode from – NeighboursEpisodes. He encourages her to get tested properly until she makes an appointment with doctor Karl.

I haven’t even confirmed it with a test yet. Kate thinks she may be pregnant. No 26 Kyle asks Kate if she’s sure, and she says she has all the symptoms. Georgia is concerned, so Kate says she thought she was pregnant. He wants to show her and her family he’s changed.

She assumes it’s all in her head – Robbo gets Amber’s phone from Clay. She doesn’t know whose it is. Share this Rating Title: Harold’s Robbo turns up to see Amber.

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He says that Nell is cute, and waves at her. Use the HTML below. He says he wouldn’t dob in a mate. Watch our trailer of trailers. Sonya Rebecchi Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Harold’s Georgia asks Kate what she and Kyle were talking about. Sonya shuts the door. Gym Matt is furiously thumping a punch bag, which he explains is to work off some stress because Amber is being hassled by an ex. Georgia wonders if maybe it’s not Mason’s and asks if she’s called Brennan.

She says they’ll never believe it, but he says he’ll prove it. Amber says she believes him because he wants her back.

Joshua Willis Ashleigh Brewer He adds that Robbo is out on bail until the trial. Robbo smirks and says he’s busy.


Georgia is quiet, saying that a friend has problems. Georgia hugs Kyle and then leaves with Kate who glances over at a worried Kyle. She’s sceptical, but he says he wants to get his life back on track, and he wants to get her back.

Matt says being a cop, he can’t put a foot out of line. Robbo neighbiurs he was wrong identified for the attempted robbery at Lassiters.

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Kate gets a text from Mason asking her to come over. Toadie tells Sonya it was a coincidence. She tells him that she doesn’t want to get in the way of him and Georgia, and it’s probably just the scare. Kyle is sweetly supportive when Kate tells him she’s late and fears to be pregnant, possibly from their ‘safe’ sex.

Season 1 Episode Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? Georgia Brooks Aaron Jakubenko Kyle is thrilled, but notices that Kate isn’t.

There’s a flashback to the wedding day crime scene and he recognises Sonya. Meanwhile Sonya is running on a treadmill, and Toadie comes to tell her about Robbo.

Michael Fardon Kip Gamblin