If you don’t like service then you should stop watching the series. Now is the entire anime done already like mal says or did it just start? Removed everything else that was asking where to watch this episode because that’s against the rules. Her nature necessitates that she stand on a pedastal for Araragi, but one cannot love a statue or an ideal. BBCode You’re just jealous because the voices only talk to me. Then, Karen comes in all sweaty and stripping off her top. Oh god, that chest grab of Araragi was golden.

At this point in the series, anyone who has watched so far basically understands what they are getting in terms of visuals Shinbo is cutting like crazy, once more , sounds the OST is wonderful, again, though the OP and ED are just standard-level good , and what I consider to be problematic content sexual fanservice. Did i catch a little homage to Kamina of Gurren Lagann at one point? Confirmed best anime ever. I think the first conversation with Tsukihi was kinda boring but I loved the rest, Always nice to get some more from the Monogatari series animated. SHAFT makes the series seem very silly and ridiculous with the shit they do. After powering up by having Shinobu drink his blood, Araragi encounters Black Hanekawa and gets his left arm torn off. Damn, when you already know that all the episodes are out, but the subs aren’t ready yet, you feel like gasdsadasdg.

This episode alone was better than the entirety of Bakemonogatari and Nisemonogatari, which is quite an accomplishment seeing as how they are both masterpieces themselves. But I personnally think the constant weird stills and head tilts and such give an interesting rythm to the story.

More Nise than Bake but still pretty good. Recognize myself in this for example: Gotta love how the atmosphere changed completely after Hanekawa said she’ll do anything. How do you know if you are in love with someone? This was some funny stuff. We know that he owes Hanekawa some debt from the incident through which he became a vampire, but her exact role in the story is still unknown.


Episode material was alright, I figure it’ll improve with more Hanekawa as it progresses as things often improve with more Hanekawabut I’ve given up on Shinbo’s “experimental” style that he’s been using for this franchise.

Good start, the first part with Tsukihi was too long though.

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That OST is just too cool. The link above is for the official site. He believes his feelings have passed beyond the level of love, to the point where he would die for Hanekawa. Farabeuf Hitagi’s Pet Offline Joined: Let the story tell itself, for god’s sake. The surreal, absurd backgrounds are nekomoogatari to my liking as I feel they efficiently set the mood.

However, objectively speaking, the -monogatari anime series has a unique style that really stands out, whether it be the art style, the music, the pacing, etc. This is why I prefer the novels to the anime.

Damn, when you already know that all the episodes are out, but the subs aren’t ready yet, you feel like gasdsadasdg. Interestingly, this somewhat places Araragi in a position of power of Shinobu, but that particular set-up is turned on its head later in the episode.

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Kuro Episode 1 Discussion. Great text and fanservice. But that’s beyond the reach of these small hands.

Araragi knows he is no match for Black Hanekawa without his vampire powers, and so Shinobu gains some measure of influence over him. Araragi has been portrayed over and over again as something of a oversexed character, and to have it all laid out on the table with the very obvious evidence of his mindless grope of his sister kind of cleans the air.


Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Confirmed best anime ever. That’s an awesome nrkomonogatari This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. However, after the incident ends and Hanekawa forgets about her time as Black Hanekawa, Oshino suggests to Araragi that he marry Hanekawa and become the family she lacks. To soon Monogatari my body has not yet recovered!

“This is just like one of my Japanese anime’s!” -Otacon

His terror is indicative of some deeper emotion; fear is, after all, a surface emotion, although a primal one. Monogatari series is back! For instance watch where the crowbar is during the bed part. As for Hanekawa, Araragi begins the encounter by lecturing Hanekawa for accepting the meddlecat and tells her that she cannot change reality eepisode must accept the way things are.

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BBCode Modified by dreznovk, Dec 31, Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum. Hate it or not, their style worked for this anime. Koyomi and Tsukihi talking about oppai. BBCode Love is a song. Bakemono is dicsussion tamest of the novels by a large margin.

It’s been to long. After running through the house and finding that Hanekawa does not have a room of her own, he returns to his own home in a panic, collapsing inside the front door.