Love this drama to Dead.. Does he even have evil eyes? Only when Eun-ki reaches the podium does she stop, and makes a show about pulling Eun-ki into an embrace while she explains how worried she was. Even if Jae Hee the adult is responsible for all her bad actions, Jae Hee the little girl was innocent, and that innocent girl abused and tormented by Jae Shik and her father. Thanks for the recap!!! Your recaps are thorough, insightful, candid and very enjoyable to read!

When she pulls her car over in front of her home, Eun-Gi sees a woman hug her father. Even before her father’s death, Joon-ha had warned him that if they don’t get Eun-ki back now, she may find something outside of Tae-san worthy of never coming back. HeadsNo2, this and many more are why I love your recaps. Maru tells Jae Gil to get Choco to come home because they are moving. I’m quite sure there’ll be lots of angst and dark times and ugly sobbing from moi ahead but the even the tiniest thing that connects Maru and Eun Gi makes everything worth it. They would never truly admit they were bad because they manipulate themselves that they were forced to and had to do it.

I am not judging the person but I am judging what is written. But there is a episose I agree with, while people and bad environment taking apart for her road into evil territory, her personality, her decision, is the one who make her like this. Well, Maru, you got what you wanted. The moment Jae-Hee lied to the police that Maru was episove her, while staring at Maru was the moment she cross the line that made redemption impossible in my book.

To be honest, this is my first time commenting on dramabeans although I have been reading recaps here for episoce a few dramas by now. Her hating JH only led to her father being upset with her and making JH more desperate. Perhaps the way you are using this term belong to a specific discipline. While Maru now expects the worst from everyone especially himselfEun Gi actually has an optimistic streak that allows her to imagine a better future for herself and for Maru.


Nice Guy >>..<<

The best I can come up with is that the show is both about the corruption of innocence and about hope in one’s darkest times. And the difference between the two indicates how self-deluded we are. So, please, heads, don’t take this to heart. Frankly I can’t feel too sorry for her when she says things like kicking EG out was too easy and it’s not fun when it’s boring. Before she enter Eun Ki’s family, she was pretty much kind a guyy girl eventhough I notice her point of view has already twisted.

He is so happy to see her, worried that kutuvrama was missing after the accident. Jasmin October 19, at Love this, so cool. Awe October 19, at 7: So she memorized facts about the wrong guy. And while I can find it believable that he’s playing evil Lancelot to evil Guinevere, at the end of the day he is no dark knight in shining armor, but an overzealous minion.

But she never came home to him.

Nice Guy Episode 11 Recap

And is the difference of perspective proof of the drama’s excellence. But clearly that’s not how Joon-Ha sees the situation, and I think Maru has come to agree with that as well.

Thanks for the recap. You take a tired old trope like amnesia and actually use the tabula rasa to fascinating advantage. I’m honestly surprised that EK never investigated why her brakes didn’t work that day since at the beginning she was so untrusting and suspicious of everyone.

Kutudramq Hyun is outside the house stalling the people arriving to collect Eun Gi. Then he put on a brave face to basically say “remember to do just that! Cause you know if they put him in the slim black outfit that Maru kkutudrama on the other episode, OY!

I’m wondering if it has to do with something Jae Hee did to their mother. I feel the same. There’s no reason to be rude and verbally abusive, for how she understands and nics the drama. Thanks for the recap and for your incredible insight into Jae-hee!

Nice Guy >>..<< | Hug from Panda

I will take care of you till you die. On the other hand, been a lurker for ages and ncie love different reading so many great comments and recaps from all facets and appreciation. Episode 4 by Regals.


It is to MCW’s credit that we all have accepted her as the new EG without really complaining about the difference.

Recently, we discover Maru perhaps stayed even longer for Eun-Gi episodw with hope that she may come find him again one day. Ah, I forgot that Jae Hee is legally the mom. Email required Address never made public.

Eipsode was dismissed from her overall position, not just dpisode the resort project that was just the catalyst that pushed Jae Hee to remove her. He brings her home and shows her the picture of them together at Kutkdrama, but this Eun-ki is not the sweet flower girl of nicr first post-amnesia self. How lovely that you heard my mental cry and answered the question so well. What was all that about? She stares disbelievingly at this house, where the residents have clearly moved out.

Non threatening, maybe a little weak, not exactly a good guy but not a bad guy? Like she may have fallen asleep at the wheel and didn’t realize she switch lanes. Jae Sik – such a weasel. Or move to the state of Washington; we are pretty quiet liberal state. Dongsaeng killer October 27, at Maru is driving Eun Gi back to his place and he continues recounting his history with Eun Gi. Drama Recaps The Crowned Clown: It’s just according to the situation, my brain interprets it as “evil look”, “romantic look”, and “I’ve got my thinking cap on look”.

Jae-sik saunters up to his nce and lets her know that he told Maru everything about her plan to make Eun-ki disappear, and how he only has to go into that boardroom and tell them the same for Maru to set him up for the rest of his life.

CaroleMcDonnell October 27, at 7: