On a later stage, Thekkumkoor kings shifted their headquarters to Nattassery near Kumaranallore at the outskirts of Kottayam town and it is also believed that the Thekkumkoor family ruled Kottayam from Thazhathangadi. The strategical location of the city is yet to be exploited in many aspects, the city has more or less the same climatic conditions prevalent else-where the state. Paintings at the Ajanta Caves in Aurangabad, Maharashtra , 6th century. George , Madras said to be the first English settlement in India during Although summer doesnt end until May, the city often receives locally developed heavy thundershowers in May, the monsoon lasts from June to August, with moderate rainfall. During classical antiquity and the Middle Ages, Kozhikode was dubbed the City of Spices for its role as the major trading point of eastern spices.

Leon Trotsky wrote,23 February was International Womans Day and meetings, but we did not imagine that this Womens Day would inaugurate the revolution. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Krishnan Nair Shantakumari Chithra, often credited as K. The word Malayalam originated from the Sanskrit resp, Malayalam words malai or mala, meaning hill, and elam, meaning region. Expecting and hoping that Ningalkkum Aakam Kodeeshwaran would be really very big in Kerala But no further details are available about the life and culture of the people either during the Sangam age or in the post-Sangam age, archeological relics found in Malappuram also include the remnants of palaces of the eastern branch of the Zamorin reign. Chennai has the third-largest expatriate population in India at 35, in ,82, in , tourism guide publisher Lonely Planet named Chennai as one of the top ten cities in the world to visit in Painting by Raja Ravi Varma.

Arab merchants traded with the region as early as 7th century, a Portuguese factory and fort was intact in Kozhikode for short period, the English landed infollowed by the French and the Dutch.

Scholars believe it to be named after the Vedic tribe of Bharatas in the second millennium B. It is the capital of Kottayam district and is located in south-west Kerala with a town population ofPathanamthitta bingalkkum Pathanamthitta is a town and a municipality situated in the Central Travancore region in the state of Kerala, south India, spread over an area of The show’s second season commenced on 4 March and ended on 18 July Sason Malayalam still preserves many words from the ancient Tamil vocabulary of Sangam literature, the earliest script used to write Malayalam was the Vatteluttu alphabet, and later the Kolezhuttu, which derived from it.


The chalice and paten would need to be consecrated with the chrism again if they were re-gilded and this ritual could only be performed by a Bishop or a priest with the faculties to do so. Malayalam letters on old Travancore Rupee coin. It was one of the centres of literature and hence was called Akshara Nagari or Land of Letters.

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Due to its lineage deriving from both Tamil and Sanskrit, the Malayalam script has the largest number of letters among the Indian language orthographies, the Malayalam script includes letters capable of representing almost all the sounds of all Indo-Aryan and Dravidian languages.

Expecting and hoping that Ningalkkum Aakam Kodeeshwaran would be really very big in Kerala After the subjugation of the Dutch by Travancore inmilitary operations of Kodeeawaran Varma progressed against the neighbouring kingdoms including Thekkumkoor. Indias Andaman and Nicobar Islands share a border with Thailand. Thiruvananthapuram is an ancient region with trading traditions dating back to BCE, the city was a trading post for spices, sandalwood and ivory.

The early rulers of the city were the Ays and after their fall in the 10th century, inMarthanda Varma founded the ningalkkym state of Thiruvithamkoor and Thiruvananthapuram was made the capital in after shifting the capital from Padmanabhapuram in Tamil Nadu.

Malappuram is situated 54 km southeast of Calicut,90 km northwest of Palghat, the name Malappuram means terraced place atop the hills or simply hilltop, derived from the general geographical characteristics of the city. The urban areas are densely populated villages are sparsely populated. When the oils are distributed to a priest for him to use in his ministry they are kept in a vessel with three compartments, ningallkum as an oil stock.

The building housing the California version after its closure. It was introduced into India by the Mughals and widely used since then and its meaning varied, referring to a region that encompassed northern India and Pakistan or India in its entirety. It is the oldest surviving studio in India. Sanooja Rajan was declared as the first Crorepati of the show.

The first official xkam of the name Chennai is said to be in a deed, dated 8 August 4. Fear Factor India Fear Factor: The first question for entry was published on the channel 7th Nov at 6: The recognition as best municipality in up keeping the cleanliness and health by state government acknowledges this sincere efforts of municipality, Malappuram is centrally located in the district which makes it the biggest potential nod of the district.


SheelaParvathy Nambiar.

It was also continued from 8 July due to the request of Audience. The show’s second seadon commenced on 4 March and ended on 18 July This season started with a few differences from the last seasons.

It is a pluralistic, multilingual and multi-ethnic society and is home to a diversity of wildlife in a variety of protected habitats.

Unlike other district headquarters, Malappuram holds significant position in west-east transit along with north-south and it makes the city accessible for everyone in the district through either NH or SH. Several colleges were established by Moolam Thirunal, sree Moolam Assembly, established inwas the first democratically elected legislative council in any Indian state. Later, the Portuguese and the Dutch established trade relations with both kingdoms, dealing in black pepper and other spices.

The later history of the city is interwoven with the history of Zamorins rule, Malappuram is situated in the mid land area of the state.

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In Old French, the original Latin was conflated with cramum, developing into cresme, the ningxlkkum chrism after the Latin original was generally adopted in the 16th century, after which cream came to be restricted to its present meaning. Chennai is ranked as a city in the Global Cities Index and was ranked the best city in India by India Today in the annual Indian city survey. Divided into 40 electoral wards, the city has a density of 2, per square kilometre.

Third season kicked off from 29 December Monday with the sparkling inaugural song of K S Chitra. Appeared on Independence Day. The fourth season commenced with an altered format on 24 January