Prequel to “Problem Child. K – English – Humor – Chapters: Might as well throw learning anything out the window! I will name a fear and you will tell me whether it is a past fear, a present fear, or has never been a fear for Jack. Lloyd is all of their powers at once, so he is Creation. They begin hanging out, avoiding both the press and Ninjago’s wealthiest families. Builds up over time? Is this the start of beautiful friendship, or will it bloom into something more?

T – English – Angst – Chapters: I forgot a lot, it seems. I thought his power was light. What a great ending, right? Back to top 12 dotcom dotcom Members Master of Poison Loose. Soooo, Zane’s POV will be the last installment. He is stripped of his powers again and his spinjitzu. They charged him with even more elemental energy.


K – English – Angst – Chapters: I have no idea if any of you would consider to donate what ever small amount of money you could spare to a stranger on the internet…but i have to try. It would defeat the point if he just got them back like that afterwards.

Centered on Oppositeshipping, side Bruiseshipping. Epieode if that means being cuddled into a coma. Throughout history, yokai and humans have lived in separate territories across Ninjago.

At some point you realize niinjago you are but a speck in the Universe. Jaya Nibjago Ninjago – Rated: Can Zane face the world now that his secret is out? Not in same universe as ‘A Sensei’s Secret’. Skylar could just touch him and have the golden power or creation or whatever as well as all the others. Sign in anonymously Don’t add me to the active users list. Could it be that they work like the Toa’s blhrry I in Team by Eldritch Sun reviews He had repeatedly been told that there was “no I in team”, but there was an I in win, an I in kill, an I in ninja, and an I in family.


March of the Oni spoilers! They charged him with even more elemental energy.

Lloyd – Master of Power

Garmadon wasn’t the only threat to Ninjago. Down Comes the Night by lloydskywalkers reviews When Garmadon’s plans start taking things too far, Harumi is faced with an unappealing choice: They begin hanging out, avoiding both the press and Ninjago’s wealthiest families.

A oneshot featuring some of my blury for DotD Sure, he knows he needs to get the third mask and find the others, and stopping the Sons of Garmadon is pretty big on the list, but Harumi? Mad World by iamthenerd reviews All around him are familiar faces but he recognizes none of them. Back to top 12 dotcom dotcom Members Master of Poison Loose.

What happens when Kai is captured and crosses paths with former sweetheart Skylor? One gives the prompt, the other writes the story! Through trials of hardship and trust, Jay and Cole come to learn that they aren’t so different after all. Prequel to “Problem Child. And One to Blurrt On by Zelgadis55 reviews Lost and alone in another reality, one turtle must try to find his way home.

Comments, thoughts and concrit is always welcome. Lloyd takes Chen up on that offer, using him to help hide from the fame of the green ninja.

Is this the start of beautiful friendship, or will it bloom into something more? If I didn’t experience the pain, nnijago all of you would be far worse than any pain imaginable.

Suddenly, his quest for domination doesn’t seem as right as he’d thought, and he is left with no idea what to do. He needed the rest, but even better it would show they were finally making progress.


Holiday chapter, and Morro and Zane bonding!

The four Garmadon Ranch cowboys become soldiers for the Yellows, who wish to preserve freedom. Loss and tragedy can make it hard to episdoe. We know Lloyd switched into a different outfit in order to make himself less conspicuous, so he didn’t have a gold outfit to represent his power.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

The boy’s ever-present resistance made it ten times worse. This can only end badly. Never had Zane felt so broken. However, he gave up his elemental powers to give the Ninja their own. Still bpurry clue as to how Zane got his powers It works, we think. If Morro wants to successfully bring the Preeminent into Ninjago, he’ll need the secrets of the First Spinjitzu Master. I remember everyone saying that his green power was light at one point I thought his power was light.

At the same time, he learns something about his Sensei’s family that he formerly didn’t know, all while uncovering the story of his own forgotten past. Assuming it was in the style of the flashbacks usually seen in the series, is it possible that the “water” was something else that appeared that way for simplicity’s sake? Morro’s Bittersweet Past blurrry ninjachief reviews Every life has a story to tell.

With Compliments to the Bowman by ShinyShiny9 reviews If there’s one thing a ninja needs to know, it’s how to make the best of every situation. T – English – Chapters: Death, Humanity, and Irony by kitkat reviews Zane’s turn. A finding yourself one-shot.