But he finds himself trapped in her shadow binding jutsu before advised to go after Takaharu and Yakumo instead. When Otomonin are trapped in Tsuchigumo’s webbing, Aka Ninger uses the new Otomonin Shuriken to summon Paonmaru to free the others before forming Shurikenzin Paon to finish the Yokai off. The Ninningers appear to face the Yokai Buruburu, who escapes after slowing them down with his Heavy Acceleration. Shocker soldiers patrol the streets while Shocker Combatmen demonstrate by marching in the street with Shocker flags, a man and child protesting against Shocker try to break up the demonstration, tossing flyers about the Kamen Riders being heroes as they are arrested. As Akaninger and Raizo commence their death battle in Tengu’s dimension, Tengu attempts to have Fuuka express fear before the other Ninningers arrive and fight the Yokai. Kyaeens Hiroyuki Amano guest stars. Articles containing Japanese-language text Use mdy dates from March Official website not in Wikidata.

After the others transform, get sucked punched by the Yokai, the transformed Ninningers destroy Yamabiko with a team attack. Soon after finding a purified Sealing Shuriken, Yakumo explains that he has no interest in being a ninja but will prove himself better than Takaharu and their grandfather none the less. While Tsumuji explains he saw the item in the old dojo, he is shocked to find the End Shuriken as a brooch in his sister’s latest clothing line. He likes to help people, making him popular among children. Things seem hopeless until Kasumi plays on Futakuchi-onna pride as a businesswoman and convinces her to stand up to Masakage, tricking her into breaking her contracts out of spite. Last Ninja Race Intermediate Announcement!

The next morning, the Conductor, Ticket, and Wagon have gathered in the office of the President of the Rainbow Line where they meet the spirit of Torin, with Torins cooperation, they were able to combine the giant Zyudenchi to create a Brave Zyudenchi.

Ninninger also serves as the 40th anniversary of the franchise, the lead screenwriter for the series is Kento Shimoyama and Kousuke Yamashita serves as the series composer. Western Yokai Arrive in Japan! As Takaharu ends up running into Kyuemon while following him, Nagi finds Kasha and the Yokai challenges him to a race. As Kiriko and Shinnosuke revel in their victory, a green shockwave spans the city, suddenly, everything appears to be Shocker Themed, including Shinnosuke and Kirikos attire, which Kiriko finds odd.

When Takaharu learns of this, despite the others’ attempt to stop him and Tsumuji kept from joining the fray due to his inability to use ninjutsu, runs off before being found by Yoshitaka who gives him advise.

After an attempted selfie with the Yokai Daidarabochi, who was terrorizing workers, Kinji proceeds to fight the Yokai while the other Ninningers arrive to protect the workers. Drive pursues him and is attacked by Schwarian, Rider 3 seemingly tries to race Drive there. Star Ninger Hundred Nin Battle, although the Super Sentai Series originated in Japan, various Sentai series have been imported and dubbed in other languages for broadcast in several other countries. Kyuemon rejoices upon gathering so much fear with Buruburu and it is shown that he is in cahoots with the Roidmudes.

The professional wrestler Hiroshi Tanahashi was announced to be one of the antagonists of the movie.

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Later, having set up how Kinji’s assassination attempts will occur on a daily basis, Fuka trains with Takaharu to become stronger. Throughout the contest, his quarry having competition in other ninja groups, Starninger makes attempts on the Ninningers’ life in the a perilous flag race and then Ball Rolling. Star Ninger than forms Bison King to finish Daibarabochi off. Naoko Takeuchi used Sentai ideas as inspiration in the creation of the Sailor Soldiers, inSaban bought back the rights to Power Rangers and moved the show to the Nickelodeon network for Later, the ToQgers say their good byes to the Kyoryugers with Daigo wishing them the best of luck at getting home someday.


The My Navi News reporter noted similarities between Gorenger and Ninninger, particularly how the Ninninger team members are named with Japanese color names rather than English. Splitting up to cover ground while dealing with, Kinji apologizes to Fuka for causing her to lose her temper over his attack on Takaharu while telling about the realationship he had with his brother.

But Rodeomaru suddenly arrives and aids the Gashadokuro, revealed to be under the control of the Yokai legal representative Futakuchi-onna.

The heroes of Shuriken Sentai Ninninger; their design is meant to appeal to important aspects of modern Japanese culture while their names harken back to the first Super Sentai series, Himitsu Sentai Gorenger. Though Shurikenjin and Bision King are formed, Raizo overpowers them by using a giant sword created from the Gashadokuro. He causes Drive to spin out and then out of his car.

After Kinji asks Kyuemon what the End Shuriken is, learning it has destroy worlds and create new ones, he requests one more day to decide.

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By then, Nekomata returns to the present and hands what he believes to be the End Shuriken to a Jukkarage. After the others transform, get sucked punched by the Yokai, the transformed Ninningers destroy Yamabiko with a team attack.

However the Gokaigers managed to discover and release Ninjaman before being approached by Tsuruhime, Tsuruhime then decided to allow Ninjaman to grant the Greater Power to the Gokaigers, impressed at the fact that they found and freed him on their own. Tsumuji feels bad about making such a mistake, revealing to Takaharu and Fuka that he was a ninja prodigy who lost his ability to use ninjutsu with his son resolving to help their father out.

General Black taunts Kotaro, who gets up and claims he will defend the childrens smiles. Star Ninger Hundred Nin Battle. Halfway in his deadline, Starninger attempts to ambush Kasumi while she is teaching Nagi and Fuka. The ToQgers investigate, finding themselves fighting a elisode of Cambrima and Zorima before the five members of the Kyoryugers save them from the Deboth Army grunts.

Meanwhile, the mysterious figure revives one of Kibaoni’s generals with the Power of Fear that ninnniger had amassed. Using some Jukkarage, Masakage formulates a scheme ninnimger locate the Ninningers’ base. Shinnosuke and Takaharu find the other Ninningers under Buruburu’s spell, shaking in fear and Takaharu uses a fire technique to release his companions and reveal the Yokai, who is shown to be a combination of the Sealing Shuriken and a Viral Core, proving that the Ninningers are not episod real enemy.

But Kasakake turns out to be very eplsode, overwhelming the Ninningers until Tsumuji finds himself using the Tornado Jutsu and helps Akaninger defeat the Yokai.


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Despite a rough start, Yamawarawa using dummies instead of actual Jukkarage and confronting phantoms in the forms of their teammates, Kininger manages to take the lead for his team and win the four-legged kndo. Noting he fighting with more than just his strength, Akaninger uses a manifested Combination Nin Shuriken to defeat Raizo.

But Kyuemon appears and Yoshitaka, revealing that he and the figure know each other, holds him off while Takaharu ninnimger to Cape Kinme. The next day, after Yoshitaka scolds Takaharu for failing a team exercise, the Ninningers confront Nagi about his addiction to text books before they are alerted to an attack by Yokai Kasha. Furthermore, Daigo explains that Devius is siphoning the Galaxy Line terminals energy, though Right offers his aid, Daigo turns down the ToQgers help as they are unable to fight the Deboth Army and advises them to leave this to indi and his team.

Ineo turns out to be all part of Kyuemon’s plan to separate Takaharu from the others so Raizo can have his duel.

The opening theme is “Saa Ike! The Ninningers appear to face the Yokai Buruburu, who escapes after slowing them down with his Heavy Acceleration. After Yakumo’s attempt to convince his mother to give it to them, the Ninningers decide to steal it. Ninja Courage Test” [24] ” Natsu da! Kyaeens Hiroyuki Amano guest stars. Soon after boxing up his text books, Nagi considers becoming the Last Ninja to build up his resume.

As Nagi starts going to Fuka’s school, Takaharu, Yakumo, and Kasumi find themselves dealing with Nekomata before they manage to destroy him. Tsugomori Masakage, who informs Kyuemon that Kibaoni’s revival is near. During the fight, Ki Ninger ends up accidentally letting the Yokai escape and runs off to find him.

But the group are shocked to learn that Yoshitaka is still alive as he tells them that they need improvement.

Later, his ability to use jutsu as a response to his need to protect his family, Tsumuji receives a new pen from his children as they accompany him to buy some food.

After another attempt on Takaharu’s life by Starninger, Fuka scolds his brother and Kinji before the Gamagama-Guns alert everyone to a Yokai presence. Raizo orders Tengu to release Fuuka before telling Takaharu to follow him into the Yokai’s dimension to have their match.

Later, after the Ninningers obtain the Sealing Shuriken and head home, Kyuemon convinces Raizo to assist her with the promise of having his fight with Takaharu. As this occurred, after he and Bison King destroy the Gashadokuro, Kinji meets with Kyuemon in private. Takaharu, Nagi, and Kinji then encounter Masakage, who conjures a pair of track shoes to create Yamawarawa to race against the three Ninningers with the prize being their friends.