The Forest Commission, set up in and revised in , was established to oversee the newly created Forest Preserve in the Adirondacks and Catskills, in addition to management of other forests, tree plantings, and forest fires elsewhere in the state. Unless you are going to eat them or wear their fur, no need to kill bobcats. Views Read Edit View history. DEC divides the state into nine administrative regions, all groups of counties. This is the third coyote removed from Rye Brook in recent weeks. Sarcoptic mange is caused by small mites that burrow into the skin and causes severe irritation, loss of fur, and infection. No do not extend the hunting or trapping season. January 26, at 2:

If the NY bobcat population were allowed to expand south to Pa, they would provide better management of the white-tail population, which is a disaster in Pa. January 23, at 5: In other projects Wikimedia Commons. The Village of Rye Brook wants to remind people to not attract wildlife on to their property by leaving pet food or trash outside and small children and pets should not be outside unattended. Man is a predator. Additional information about Rabies and prevention can be found by calling the Westchester County Department of Health Rabies Hotline at February 6, at Approximately , licensed hunters spend an estimated 10 to 15 million days afield each year.

October 28, The Village nyssec Rye Brook will resume the coyote trapping program beginning on November 1st. DEC divides the state into trxpping administrative regions, all groups of counties. It also worked to end General Electric ‘s discharge of PCBs into the Hudson Riveran issue that continues into the present day [update]. Basil Seggos, Commissioner [3]. George Pataki decided the department needed a new home with views of the Hudson River.

The trapper caught the coyote using a catch-pole following a telephone call from a concerned resident. The village is urging the public to report to the police department any coyote sightings in the village noting the location and time of day a coyote is seen, whether or not the coyote stood its ground, went toward, or followed people or pets and if the coyote exhibited any aggressive behavior toward people or pets. Trappinh implemented New York’s first state-level endangered species list.


Most trappers are ethical and practice according to the trspping. January 28, at 4: New York State Department of Health. As with all animals that I would consider shooting, I only do so if I will eat the animal.

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Permit Requirements for Fisher and Marten

However, courses fill up quickly, so those interested should sign up for a course soon to be sure they complete it before going afield this fall. Coyote trapping to begin on Friday, August 6: I encourage all prospective hunters to sign-up early for one of the hundreds of courses offered all across New York.

Under its proposed plan, DEC ngsdec that this tally would increase by less than a hundred, still well below the critical threshold.

In the Adirondacks I believe it is fourty eight. Contributor Phil Brown was editor of the Adirondack Explorer from Hopefully Kevin is right in noting that trapping is costly and the consuming so will continue to fade away…not soon enough for numerous predator species and their allies that are critical components of a healthy ecosystem. New York portal Environment portal. Dave — your friends said what I said.

Coyote Update – Village of Rye Brook

Sarcoptic mange is caused by small mites that burrow into the skin and causes severe irritation, loss of fur, and infection. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.


I think most people, including a lot of hunters at least the ones I knowwould disagree with you that there is nothing wrong with that. In the biggest change, DEC wants to initiate hunting and trapping of bobcats in much of the Southern Tier, where the population has increased dramatically over the past decade.

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation – Wikipedia

Unless you are going to eat them or wear their fur, no need to kill bobcats. Trappers are mainly interested in the fur and a quick google search will turn up people with and looking for Bobcat recipes.

Students can register from any device – smartphone, tablet or computer – 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Just because the goal of trapping is a fine pelt and who really needs a pelt…for what? This is a stupid idea! The Rye Brook seaeon has been monitoring and tracking all reported coyote sightings and their behaviors within the village since early January. I did not see, in the NYS bobcat management report, the actual numbers for current population densities for the areas surveyed in New York State.

To trap, gather, hunt, and nysdex the soil is natural. Its renewal in made possible remediation of many hazardous waste sites.

All courses also require successful completion of an in-person field day to trappimg certification for the course.

These smaller entities merged over time to create today’s department, which was officially created in Education courses produce results in hunter safety New York’s hunter education courses are highly effective in fostering safe hunters.