Browsing All Articles Articles. This video is about his performance at the Funnybone Untamed Comedy show. Alejo Oru Download Music: Newer Post Older Post. Drake – Work Download Music: New Godwin Dance Alert!! The second one was the one between wizkid and linda ikeji apparently it was the commissioner of police that broke it up, rich man quarrels. You already know the jam is hot, now check the hot new video and let us know what you think about it in the comment section.

Claim or contact us about this channel. Viktoh – Me and My Guys. He gave a remedy for the cheating, one that I think might work if it were physically possible. But what happens when He meets with his type? Here You Have it. Click here to download gospel music. Mark Angel Comedy — Fall Cover. She has devised a plan to get that milk at all cost.

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Then Bovi came to give us a summary of all the relevant beef that went down in G-Eazy – Me, Myself and I. He also revealed how he met his partners in craze Ade and Tobi.

Helen Paul Performance at A MarkAngel Comedy — Episode — Apollo This is another episode of MarkAngel comedy — it was showing the making of a couple of their previous episodes. Twyse sha met a fine chick. After ordering ten wraps of fufu and all types of assorted meat for her, he proceeded to drop bundles of dollars bills on the table for her. I am not certain whIch show it was, whether rhythm unplugged or bovi man on commedy.


The show was stopped temporarily in June and apparently there will be a comedj in management of the show and hopefully it comes back better.

The first beef was the one between olamide and donjazzy that happened at tiths headies and apparently it was dangote that broke up the fight. This is one of said dance video done by street kids in Ikorodu.

Very interesting Nigerian comedy video. Tktus promised to drop a video every Friday like they usually do and apologised to their viewers not be angry. The guy went over to invite her for their show, but got a shock when the chick skig spitting pidgin. Thursday, 24 March Here You Have it. Ofa Ife Download Audio: Officer Akpo was nursing his black eye when Oga Titus got a call that put the both of them in serious trouble.

Cole Swindell – You Should be Here Oga Titus and Ebiye formed some sort of alliance during the test exercise and I can not categorically state who is more foolish in the two of them. She has devised a plan to get dkit milk at all cost.

The uber driver was the most annoying driver on the surface of the earth and the earth Channel Catalog Comeyd Catalog. Kleptomaniac 2 Download Music: Aboki The Village Officer Just coemdy give us a preview of He has organized several international comedy shows, this is a video on one of his international comedy shows that held in Toronto Canada.

His mom was a video game freak alternate realities and universe mehnand she was concerned about his weight loss caused by the dieting plan his wife placed him on. You know how it be when you slide into the DMs then snapchat then whatsapp.


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Officer Titus Season 3 Episode 1: A Fool At 50 — Twyse. Meet the Twyse Family- Episode 2. His comedy career has been active since the year Contact us about this article. He came on stage and practically told us about all the beef that happened in the year in the skih industry.

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This episode of MarkAngel Comedy was not really an episode. He was a married man that had a night out with one fine laisken creature like this, while he was still asleep she dropped kisses on his face before she left. In total, he plays the role of about seven people. Twyse Ereme — Cup that never spills or falls Aug.

comedy video: Officer Titus – One Chance

Earlier in the year, there was an audio circulating social media about a Yoruba man having a conversation with a customer service representative of a telecommunications company — MTN to be specific.

Amazing Health Benefits Pga Bananas. In a funny way of course.