And since J is going to marry TH the farm will be theirs either way… lol. Anyway thanks for the advice. I was grinning so much my cheeks are gonna ache till next week. I saw my step mom. TP grabs two drinks. J knocks on the door but turns to leave and sees that YS just arrived. October 18, at 5: He lies that must be it.

Death is like that. Even though she grew up without a mother- president Baek In Ho raised the kid well so that there is nothing lacking with her manners. SY and TB are driving to work. I must have slept a little bit you should have woken me. She tells him to hold still. N finally looks at MS.

I want to tell you everything.

I was just kidding around. J runs inside her tent. He sits on the bench in front of the house The mom stopped crying. Tae Pil asks for his family to support his dating Yeo Eul officially and none of them step up the way they should. SY takes some sandwiches she bought out of the container and puts them on a plate.

J helps her spray recapp clean. Not sure if it was my fervent prayer, but Sun morning brotherz computer rallied together long enough for me to download so now I have this scene and the last one translated. J comes in and comes over. TH makes a fist and says: He drinks water and was about to start the engine but decides to wait till she wakes up. Ojakkgyo yells out her name. TP is outside killing time at a comic book store. She says she already threw away all of his old underwear.

He says decap look at how Cha team leader is already leaving work. Y wonders if some problem occurred cuz why would she change her number. Come to your senses. They need some lengthy alone time if you ask me to really bond and confirm their feelings. So basically, in the drama Baek Brofhers Eun UEE is a rich student who become poor overnight when her father went missing in China trying to seal a business deal. The mom gets mad cuz he did that.


The interviewer knew the shop he frequently shops at so he asks how she knew that. He goes to the kitchen and notices the table set up with food and flowers.

It seems like she never fully realized what an awful thing she did to J until her son spelled it out for her. Put your seatbelt on. Inside D is looking for TH. J is really the owner and not the step mom I hope.

I sort of have this feeling that when J learns the truth that she wont get mad at the mom for stealing the contract for too long-that J will find it in her to forgive the mom somehow. When the grandmother looked at him, I wonder if she realized in this moment that she just made her grandson go back to his lonely withdrawn existence. TP cries in his room after she puts away her things, J announces that she is back in the attic room. Thank you for being by my side.

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She starts to walk away but turns and asks him to go in with her. They are so courageous. Do you like being married.

J pretends to hit and says: He cant believe his mom did that. Why did you lie to me for a year and turn me into a fool? But despite that, he still grew up pretty well. You are commenting using your Facebook account.


You like sweet bean bread.

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It sort of baffled me why he would go back to working on the case. Hope TH goes home and J is there to tend to his injured hand. I said sit — are you going to stand all night? J is in her tent and remembers how close TH leaned in. Ajusshi is also waiting forever for someone to come over. He says how her words are prickly like thorns. Just then TH walks into the office. He says he will go wash his hands and come back. They get in the car. Was I just rejected????

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She asks if he is like this cuz he is nervous. When I first started the police academy, I heard joakgyo lecture. Also I was watching the drama awards clip when the Kim tak Gu guy Yoon shi yoon won best actor award and even before he spoke, JooWon was bawling more than Yoon. I really enjoyed reading your recap this morning. TS tells the kid to put his bag down and sit but N moves away from him. Was Hwang Tae Pil just rejected?? GM asks why he looks like that.