J is sitting in bed. But at the same time, Soo-young is making the decision to leave him — so he comes home ready for a fresh start, when she announces that they should divorce. KJ goes over and she is drunk. I really hope he broke her down. She says she first knew when he came charging into her tent with his shoes tied around his neck, and then sighs regretfully that she liked him first after all. E53 video preview translations: I just hope at least he takes a few days rest before training for the new action role.

I will make it up to you all my life. But eventually, romance wins out. D says TH drank again and then slept. I started marathoning this drama over Christmas break thanks to your first review, girlfriday, and I have to say I’m so glad I did! Tae-hee finally introduces her to the family as his girlfriend, and after they recover from the shock, Mom and Grandma rejoice, but Dad blows a gasket. J pulls away from KJ and sees TH standing there.

She tears up her drawing and stands up. TH comes home drunk and goes over to GM.

Ojakkyo Brothers E52

He kisses her in front of all her friends and plans this big dramatic proposal of his feelings, not sbu but she runs out before he gets to the over-the-top fireworks post-piano-serenade and turns him down cold. D bows to the dad and GM. I dont want to. I sincerely welcome you, you dont know how long we waited for you to come older sister in law.


SY makes cream spaghetti really deliciously. After his birth mother remarries, he became the son of Father Hwang. Englidh firstnadya Started July 7, Still have about 10 episodes left to go, but it really is heartwarming.

Why couldn’t it be a mini series. Mom says she thought about it—the hardships, making three meals a day every day for the last forty years of her life—and feels like she can answer now…. D asks him to go eat first, but TH tells him to start questioning some places.

Love him since Baker King. I think i’m having 2nd lead syndrome already When I came to, I had already left the accident site. Posted July 11, Posted August 1, TH browses through the log casually. When they were playing in the snow during their supposed to be last date with Ja-eun I heard a guy laugh but I knew it wasn’t Tae-hee but it was Joo-won laughing.

Only six more episodes to go…. I can’t remember feeling soo sad that a drama ended EVER. Soo-young tries to keep him at a distance, but when she has a scare with the baby, she calls and he comes running. But it wasn’t that bad.

Not caring whether you live or englih — not feeling anything except hopelessness. There is no way the GM didnt feel something here staring at TH cry and beg like that. TH stands in the middle of the street and D watches him from the other side looking worried.


She’s so deserved it.

Episode 35 Caps Thanks to semifly. File Serve Links Thanks to meebo.

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TP helps her up and asks if she is ok. She says she first knew when he came charging into her tent with his shoes tied around his neck, and then sighs regretfully that she liked him first after all. Well I guess the drama based on Manga so they need young innocent pure looking heroine.

D thanks him for coming. J is dancing in a club. February 4, at 3: You are commenting using your Twitter account. February 3, at Was it me or did the GM look like she was on the verge of giving in.

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I love that he complies, no questions asked. Episode 27 Preview Thanks to sierralainewalsh. AM-Addiction Thanks to alchocoholic.

He finally proposes and they start planning their spring wedding. E53 video preview translations: Share this post Link to post Epusode on other sites.

Interviewer comes back and asks if SY normally cooks a lot for TB.