SY, MS, J and others congratulate the parents. Whatever his reasons were, this guy made my eyes well up with tears right along with his. And the best part was no horrible characters who’s only reason for being is to be as vile as possible. I just found out today when I met Kim PBnim a while ago. TB says he wanted to come sooner cuz of J and it so happened today he had some time. It’s the smaller, quieter moments that make the show, not the dramatic plot machinations. When newcomers came in to join the fun, the veteran readers who have been around since this blog began made room for them and showed the newbies around so that they felt right at home from the start.

The only drama that I watch religiously from beginning to the end without a subtitle. TB tells him not to cry. I always found TB-SY running into each other in the elevators and having long conversations inside them pretty funny. Every person felt imperfect and quite real, and their relationships, while traversing a lot of ground, never went too far from an everyday, mundane sort of context. Sunshine, and this is it! I liked that a lot, actually. To some extent Tae Bum is well aware of his feelings and hi responsibilities this all happened prior to the dreaded ex showing up.

I liked him the least out of the four brothers, and often wanted to throttle him because of his defiant, selfish words and actions. Brotheers hoo beats them being separated and divorce and getting back together. Thank you, CS Ajussi, for fighting for your love many years ago.

Then I really will feel like an orphan. I thought this was a good place for the show to leave the relationship. February 21, at I loved it, and in some ways, I like it even more than OB. I 5 another loyal, silent follower of the drama and this great blog.


Ojakkyo Brothers E38

Ojakgyo brothers was full of love, unpredictable stories and its keep me excited to watch. I just want to thank you for all the hard work you did to make the recap of all the 58 episodes of Brothrs brothers. Thank you TP for changing from an irresponsible maknae to a grown up.

H asks which college do you have to go to in order to become a reporter. There is a sprinkling of cute, if memory serves. Dad says onakgyo i met him.

Review: Ojakgyo Brothers

And if you actually work a rewatch into that Joo Won and those swoony bedroomy eyes! Their chemistry from the get-go sumary unmistakable, and the show makes the most of it, serving up crackling, chemistry-laden moments by the spadefuls.

I will make this short. KJ gives his envelope. He asks Yeo-wool to wait two years, but she knows better and asks for a clean break. She says she will think about one. TP drinks and mutters: Then I’ll catch up from where I left off: I understand you a lot.

I just wish the best of luck to them.

Still have about 10 episodes left to go, but it really is heartwarming. The in laws formally meet one another; Ja Eun and Bok Ja bond while taking care of the chicks; the local Hwang men have a get together at the local outdoor food stand without Tae Hee; Tae Bum and Su Young get married; Tae shik gets alarming news from Angelica.

Yeo Eul and Tae Pil are adorable. I consider these introductions only mildly spoilery, since you can pretty much spot the pairings from a mile away. Havent watched 49 days or Life is Beautiful so no idea who she is, but i did goggled her to see how old she really is and she actually looks really young but like 28 already so wow…n there is another woman in there thats like 33 but she way way older than these leads so gotta hang it to casting crews sometimes they really can nail it to a T.


They have great chemistry together! So let me be the first to say farewell. Because all the sweet memories that you talked about just made my heart wrench like crazy! You make me want to open the Ojakgyo Brothers folder and watch all 58 episodes again. He says she did but she says he did cuz they are sons. They sneak looks over at each other. Can I turn around and look at you. I am spazzing from the wedding scenes, honeymoon wakeup scene and the latest BTS secretly holding hands………………….

Review: Ojakgyo Brothers | The Fangirl Verdict

But I love you for giving us the glimpse in heaven. Overall the show had the one thing that mattered: Bigger spoilers will get their own spoiler warnings. When coffee prince ended, I was in a daze for days. As the show progresses, we find that Tae Hee is an introvert despite his badass detective hero antics, epislde Joo Won treads that duality very well.

Then as he matures and settles into a more responsible frame of mind, his hair settles too. Mom goes with the dad and looks at the land. Jinyoung Jung, Seohyun, Joon-hee Song.